Extending ring mains from summerhouse to pergola area.


IEE Technical said
The BS EN60309-2 sockets are used for this this as they are water-resistant as part of their construction, have concealed pins, have a cover cap on the socket as standard and generally are of a higher quality of construction.

I phoned to calarify that my interpretation was correct about the Hot tubs, spa's and pools. It is according to them.

Further, the NICEIC also state section 602 for this sort of installation, they actually feel the IEE are remise for not going further with the criteria.


NO, you cannot use that socket. The only external socket I would ever use for anything is an MK Masterseal, but then not even one of them for this.

I also spoke to a friend who owns a Pools Maintenance and Installation Contractors, he concluded my interpretation was correct too. They never install this sort of kit using sockets anyway, they hard wire all their installations through locakble RCD Isolators.

Yes they do install spa's, hot tubs etc.[/quote]
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ok, i am infact buying a hottub from the same company. So i guess the MK masterseal FCU I have is gonna be no good for this?

Shurely an IP56 MK masterseal FCU would be better than an IP44 MK commando socket?
Chris, you are not proposing using a socket, you will be hardwiring it in via an IP56 RCD controlled Fused Connection unit..

So 100% in compliance with the Regs.

The only bit I posted was the part that dealt with the socket issue.
ok, thats good, although i might fit a socket to keep the installers happy, then change it to an FCU.

Prblem Solved
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Is this okay ?

13 Amp Weatherproof Socket with RCD Protection

Basically if the hot tub tripped, the plug/socket failed and not the other sockets on the same ring main ?

or would this have to be on a spur ?
FWL_Engineer said:
Okay, I don't understand.

This is the note on my "Pre-Delivery Instruction".

Electrical Supply

Your electrician will need to provide a 13amp MK Masterseal waterproof socket near the spa and a RCD to protect the consumer unit. This system will allow your spa to be auotmatically switched back on after power cuts. Alternatively you could use a MK56301 Masterseal RCD socket, which is both waterproof and a RCD protector, but will not automatically reset after power cuts.
Masona, forget what they said, PLEASE read section 602 of BS7671.

I have posted it above..relevent part anyway, but if you doubt me,please read the section in black and white and also contact the NICEIC and IEE technical help desks.
I'm just glad you're putting me on a right direction, if the instruction is wrong, are they breaking the regulations (?)

Many thanks, as I would'nt have known if it wasn't for you !
masona said:
I'm just glad you're putting me on a right direction, if the instruction is wrong, are they breaking the regulations (?)

Many thanks, as I would'nt have known if it wasn't for you !

The installation would not conform to the Regulations, but they may not be aware of the difference between a BS1363 socket and a BS EN60309-2 socket.

They may be thinking..socket-outlet..well that's OK.

It is probably another confusion created because of how the Regs is written.
Does anyone know where I can get one of these from ? TLC Direct don't seem to do them. (BS EN60309 socket)

By the way, my wife uncle who is a electrician will be supervising me to do the work (he cannot work for 6 months due to heart attack) so I trying to get everything ready when he come round breathing down my neck :D .
Electrical Wholesaler is the only place you will find these.

Contact Newey and Eyre

You will be able to get a single unit incorporting and RCD.
I will be starting this job this weekend as my electrician is still ill at the moment but will check my work before final connection.

Hopefully 1 last question,

I have bought a 4 core SWA to use only one single run out and incorporate both parts of the ring in one cable. My electrician was saying you shouldn't really use the outer steel wire sleeve as a earth cable as it could give a poor connection due to corrosion on the nut gland as it really is for mechanical protection. He advise me to run another 2.5mm Earth cable along with the SWA (any comment ?) if so do I connect the earth cable into the gland nut where the steel wire is or drill a hole underneath the socket and make a earth connection there ?

The sockets are internal with metal casing type.

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