fieats 03 lost power

11 Nov 2008
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United Kingdom

wondered if anyone had any ideas about my fiesta 1.4. when i press the accelerator down the rev counter goes up to about 6000rpm but the car hardly accelerates. this problem happens in all gears and the car just has got no power at all. pls if anyone can help it would be much appreciated or just to no what it is before i take it to garage. :eek: thanx...
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definitely the clutch worn out, take car to clutch centre, they will have the expertise to do a quick change, might cost a bit though, ask for estimate first.
Meanwhile accelerate very gently, no harsh pedal movements.

I think that it could be the coil pack. Ford recently went a bit strange. I read all the forums and people were spending so much money trying to sort out the problem...changing spark plugs ect, i change the coild pack.....£25 from ebay and it runs like a dream. Some ford makes are know for their coil packs going. Try this as its easy to fit your self. Its just four screws. Just make sure that the four plugs that connects to it go back in the same order
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anoakes, when that happened to you, did the engine rev to 6000 without the car accelerating? Or what were the symptoms you had? I would have expected an ignition to fault to prevent the engine running properly, which is different.
well my car completly lost accelaration over night. I could barley pull out quick enought on to roundabouts which was a bit worrying. I could reach about 60 but i took me ages. The car felt a little jumpy jumpy and did stall a few times when going slowley. The engin was making a strange drowning noise. Once i replaced the coil pack it was running like adream. This has happened to two of my previous cars now and both been fords. And changing the coil pack sorted it out both times. The first time it happened i paid a garage nearly £300 to get it repaired.......and this time i fixed it myself for under £30. I really would try that first. Dont waste your money taking it in to a garage.
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I don’t see how it was unhelpful :confused: ; on the contrary it was intended to encourage given previous efforts :rolleyes:
Guess it's worth spending the £30 first, though it does sound to my utterly amateur eye (see what I did there) that the clutch is toast.
but anoakes, did you experience the "engine revving to 6000 but car not accelerating"?

this is the key symptom which points to clutch not ignition.

If the engine revs to 6000 and the clutch is not faulty, then the engine will drive the car.
hey, im not too sure about that bit to be honest. I just know ive experience that same thing twice now and i just changed coil pack. For £30 its def worth a try. Better than spending a few hundred getting your clutch sorted out and the same problems occur. Just try it. xx
I've fitted a good few coil packs too - and not just to fact Renault has to be the worst offender so far!
Anyway, I've always seen the engine management lamp lit when they've failed. and the engine jumps around due to the misfire produced.
Anyway I guess the OP is long gone so I guess we'll never know......
John :)
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