fitting usbs in a hipped roof

Pitch requirements are eased for alternating tread and ladder arrangements into lofts, so such types are steeper. Horrible things, personally speaking.
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I agree they are weird looking things,but its that ( if im lucky) or nowt!
shall find out tommorow a stairmakers coming to measure up for the paddle stairs and he will know the incline he needs and if its inspec with gene hunt and the rest of the boys from c.i.d! ....
this is the bolted and welded join between two steels the same amount of bolts are also on the vertical plates across both beams.
this is veiw of the stairwell triple trimmer joist area,its very small as we are using the paddle stairs which Iv been told are more 61o than 41o ?
these should arrive tommorow,loads of fun then
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this is one of the labourers we get to bunk off school and pay 40p an hour! He also lays
on couch all day mumbling and eating !
just a shot of the window,should be another one up soon.
any comments please feel free but dont tell me its all going to crash down , Im a bit ssstressedddd as it is!! :eek:
The 'space saver', paddle or alternating tread stair is an exception to the 42 deg. rule for loft conversions where it is accepted that space might be tight. Personally i hate them and if you are going to be using this room regularly ie for a bedroom then i would do everything you can to get a proper staircase to fit. There is no minimum length for the landing at the top and bottom of a flight of stairs - it must be at least as long as your stairs are wide, so if your stairs are 800mm wide, your landings must be min 800 x 800mm. Also, if there are any doors onto the landing, and they open onto the landing and not into the room, then the door swing must be at least 400mm clear of the top or bottom stair nosing.

Currently doing a DIY loft conversion of my own! Its a big job and takes some time just having weekends at it!

EDIT - sorry, i've just realised i missed page two of the thread! My post now appears to be too late!
stairs have arrived ,,much longer than we thought so tookout a bedroom window and passed them up through there!
did not go in to place as easy as we hoped so after loads pushing and shoving( and a bit of cutting we have now got them were we need them to be cut to fit the floor. I thought they would be made to simply fit in ( I live in cloud cookoo land I think) so joiner is now chopping them up to fit properly.
dont much like the looks of them but they may grow on us. Whats your thoughts on getting the regs passed with these ones and then putting proper stairs in?
would that be underhand or is that quite normal? any thoughts?...
Whats your thoughts on getting the regs passed with these ones and then putting proper stairs in?
would that be underhand or is that quite normal? any thoughts?...

Sounds like an expenisve way of doing it? If you change the stairs once you've got building regulations signed off you may as well not have got building regulations approval in the first place as what you'll then have still wont comply and chaging the stairs would require building regulation consent. How much space have you got at the top and bottom of the flight (assuming a normal 42deg. pitch flight) - are you absolutely sure you can't fit in a set of stairs that comply? If you speak to the Building Inspector he may make a slight exception if you are only a little bit short of the required size - worth asking?!?
your right of course ,I was prob just typing out loud what i was thinking.
It was the building regs guy who said it was tight and suggested the paddle stairs. thwe stairmakers said ,narr go with normal stairs ,they normallly pass em,even if the angle is a bit out and the landing space is shorter than regs say ( both of these in my case),so didnt think it was worth putting in proper stairs only to be told no. anyway they are here now so we will just have to get to like them! ( if of course building inspector passes them anyway!!

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