Fixings for gate post to wall

3 Aug 2014
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United Kingdom
I need to fix a 4x4 post to the side of my house. This will hold a timber gate which will be approx 1.8m Tall by 1.1m Wide. Planning on making frame out of 4x2 with a diagonal brace and then will have vertical fence boards. So I am guessing it will be heavy enough.

Whats best fixings to use for the post? I was going to use Thunderbolts, but now I am worried that it will not work with the weight of the gate pulling on the thunderbolts?

Also should I be leaving a gap at bottom of post so its not touching ground or should I just place on ground?? Tarmac will be below it.

Finally what sort of hinges would you recommend for this gate?

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what is on the other side of the wall?

The gate you are describing is not much more than a wooden house door. Mine is attached to 75mm sq whitch is bolted through the wall with studding, with washers and nuts on each side. My earlier attempts with screws came loose due to wind constantly rattling the gate around. Mine has the garage on the other side so the nuts are not an eyesore.

The post should be raised off the ground to discourage rot. Soak both ends in wood preserver and use a rain cap on the top.

For your gate, LBF construction with T&G is more usual then fence boards. If you have a central ledger you can use three hook and band hinges. Paint all the metal and treat all the wood before assembly or you will miss inaccessible bits.

Hook and band hinges, apparently you are supposed to use a size 1/3rd the gate width (I must say it looks a bit long to me, 1/4 might do). get galvanised and paint them. Stainless screws and bolts cost little extra and will last much longer exposed to the weather.
Its a house wall so I cannot use nuts and bolts on other side. If it was a garage I would definitely go with that option.

Difference between a house door is that its in a frame, so the force pulling from the wall is being stopped by the door header. I do not have the option of doing that. I was just worried about thunderbolts slipping out. I have read that sometimes they could actually damage the brick? I have used some already for fence and its good, but just not sure with the type of force pulling on the bolts if they are the best for the job? For a fence section i made a 30mm hole about 1/2 way through the 4x4 and then used 8m holes for the thunderbolts. Worked a treat. I may need thicker bolts though ?

I will be putting in a horizontal central part. Rough sketchup of the frame;

Keeping it simple with half lap joins. For the diagonal was going to put angled mortise and tenon. Though still not 100% decided on it. As I was planning on using PT timber, then I was a bit concerned about shrinkage with M+T joins. Anyway. I plan to finish it with just vertical fence boards as it will be matching in with the fence.
I'm not much good at woodwork, you might like to ask for comments on the woodworking section.

Some people use resin to fix bolts in the wall, I believe it prevents cracking forces. If the post is securely fixed to the wall, I don't think it can lean. At one time I had a transom board between the tops of my two gateposts (it has subsequently become a carport), it did stiffen the whole thing and pretty well cancelled out leaning forces. Perhaps you could put a lintel to the next fencepost?
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Putting a header is not really an option. It will be 2 gates. One is being attached to a post in the ground, the other to a post against the wall. The post in the ground is not tall enough to install a header. It also would not look right with the setup and its not something I am wanting to do. I am trying to keep the gates to a simple design.

Regardless, its the fixings of the post to the wall which I am still unsure about. Will the thunderbolts be strong enough? I used 8mm at 100mm long for a post for fence. Could the same size be used. As I said for the other 4x4 post against the wall i drilled a 30mm hole 1/2 way in. This allowed to get the hex bit in with impact drill. How many should I be using for the gate post. 5?
Just a quick one on hinges. I was looking at the hook and band hinges in local store. However I want the gate to open outwards and not inwards. With those type of hinges they look like they have to be fitted on the side where it opens too. Or perhaps I am wrong on this? However they are not the nice looking. I was hoping to have something a little more nice looking if its going to be showing outwards to the street.

If I want them on the inside I then the gate in closed position would have a huge gap on the side to allow it to open that way.

Am I missing something here? I guess it could be painted as you said?

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