FLOOD!!! (lots of pictures, dial up beware)

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mlb3c said:
oh...Richardp....WHAT house on the left?...it looks like a big rock from where I'm sat ;)
:LOL: Context alert! I think he meant the two houses together? His being the one to the left? Is that right Rich?
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Your right Tim :LOL: but I thought mlb3c knew that cos she winked so I guessed that she was being playful, maybe not seeing as how they have alot more room out there, probably can't understand why we'd want to attach our houses to each other :LOL: .
We keep the wife in one house, the mistress in the other, and have a connecting door ;)
Mrs Secure was away last night with Will on a Beavers camping break.

I often shave before a night of passion, so she was most suspicious when she came home to find me clean-shaven with a huge smile on my chops...
Secure sits pondering when he'll next get his leg over.
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