France vs. Google

15 Nov 2005
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Cook Islands
Will they be paying tax next?

"France fines Google €50m in test case for Europe's new data laws

Google has been fined €50m for breaking EU privacy laws in the first case of a US tech giant being caught under Europe's tough new data protection rules.

France's data protection office found the US search engine was guilty of breaking EU privacy laws by failing to obtain adequate consent from users when processing their data for the purpose of personalised advertising. The regulator also found Google did not provide clear and easily accessible information to consumers about how their information is collected and held."

"Read more here "

From the FT
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ah well, I pasted in the summary.

No doubt it'll spread wider.

I think you might be able to read a limited number of articles free.
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The French are hard up for funds due to caving into the yellow vests

Macron will stop at nothing to grub some money in order to get his self out of the s***

Would be better advised to sort out the corruption that is endemic in French politics

Most of em get investigated for fiddling the books or taking back handers

Tis the French for u
Hoorah for the EU. Boo to the big multi-national money grabbers.

We could make a start by ostracising the likes of FaceAche, Starbucks.

Particularly the government. No expenses claims. Stop all this "follow us on fb" crap on everything from roadworks to whatever else.