Online privacy in the EU - May 2018

15 Nov 2005
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Cook Islands
The European Union’s general data protection regulation (GDPR)

"...The regulation gives important new rights to citizens over the use of their personal information. They have the right, for example, to contest and fight decisions that have been made about them by algorithms processing their data. Valid consent has to be explicitly obtained for any data collected and for the uses to which it will be put. Consent for children’s data must be given by parents or guardians and data controllers must be able to prove that consent has been obtained.

Citizens will now have the right to request the deletion of personal information related to them – and companies will have to be able to prove that the offending data has been properly wiped (which may be
more difficult than it sounds). And so on..."

"...“Targeting and tracking companies will need to get user consent somehow. Everything that invisibly follows a user across the internet will, from May 2018, have to pop up and make itself known in order to seek express permission from individuals.”

"...Not before time, IMHO. In the meantime, three cheers for the EU. And – since you ask – the UK government has decided that the GDPR will apply here even after Brexit."
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Crikey... The owners of this site had better ban you from access to our personal data, eh John? Good job we are leaving the EU otherwise you could find yourself in deep water..
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