Garden outbuildings size!

22 May 2018
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United Kingdom
Hi Guys

I am new here and just looking for some feedback.

Please feel free to correct me if I am in error with my sizes.

I am planning to build an outbuilding (roughly a double car size) basic workshop/storage at the rear of my residential property within the permitted build regulations. I will not be applying for planning permission so everything I do is to be within this allowed size.

I have been reading through the permitted building regulations on ‘garden outbuildings’ on the Worcestershire Council website and I am fairly familiar with what I am allowed to build.

Just a couple of areas I am unsure on and still going over.

I have all the sizes in mind now, wall height, roof and eve’s height, 50% rule, distance from boundary etc.

My rear garden is very big so no problem with the available space I have to work in and there is already an outbuilding there.

My first question in how far away must outbuildings be from one another – is it 3 meters, and if any less I would be breaking the rules. Correct?

The second question is the maximum floor space area I can go to without permission.

I plan on building to the maximum floor space allowed to 30 square meters which is just short of 18 foot by18 foot square although I have calculated that roughly to just get to my point. Just short of 18x18 square feet is allowed, correct?

And my final question is the shape of the construction. I need to build much more in length than width to fit my chosen area.

Is there a limit to the length of the outbuilding?

As long as I keep within the maximum of 30 square meters, can I construct ANY shape? It needs to be oblong in its design for where I want to build it.

I did not see this in the permitted build regulations file I have been reading.

I actually would like to build it very long and much less in width.

Thanks for any guidance you can give me.

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There is no minimum distance between outbuildings in Planning terms.

As long as the floor area is < 30m² you don't need to apply for Building Regs, as long as it is constructed in non-combustible materials.
There is no restriction on the plan-shape.
needs to be below 2.5m in height assuming near the boundary
no such thing as "permitted building regs" just"permitted planning "[planning exempt if-----]
you may have to comply with building regs between 15and 30 sqm
Be careful not to confusd planning with building regs -two different things.

Height: this is from ground level to highest point ( if building near to boundary 2.5m).

That is different from building height
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as long as it is constructed in non-combustible materials.

That is a good point - and something I've been unsure about for the project I am planning.

For building regs that my build will need to meet, the materials need to be non-combustible. But I (like most people, I would imagine) am planning to use timber - either timber frame/OSB or SIPs, and wooden cladding to the exterior in any case. So is this a problem in relation to the non-combustible requirement?
permitted building regulation
Firstly, understand that there are planning regulations (Permitted Development) which tell you what you can build without needing to apply for Full Planning Permission, and then there are Building Regualtions which tell you how things can be built without needing to apply for Building Regualtion Approval.
Thanks for all your replies, this has helped me a lot. I am building 2 meters away from a boundary fence.
dont forget boundary includes any boundary to land you don't own
so each side plus back and front
Yes, that's great thanks. There is a lot of space to work with. The 2.5m is to eves not including roof - Yes?
I will triple check everything again and post all my measurements before I start.
no the external from ground to maximum point on the roof is 2.5 if within 2m off the boundary
2m away is 3m at the edge up to 4m at the eaves
but because you are going so big may be quite different not really looked at that bit
as i spend all my time building and helping within 2m off the edge to avoid planning :rolleyes:
Ok thanks, I may even visit the drop in workshop the council here offers free pre advice if I need to when nearing that time.
You can dig diwn, the key is 2.5m from highest ground level.

Besr in mind soil fluffs up by 50% or more, when calculating skips. Muchaway is 1/3rd of the price is there is access.
Hi Guys

Could you check my calculations for me in FEET. I am thick when it comes to maths!

I am just marking out for footings. I am keeping within the 30 square meters PD.

My construction will be oblong is shape.

My calculations are as follows:

3 meters width X 9 meters length.

Which converts to:

9 ft 9inch width X 29 ft 3inch length = 30 square meters.

Although I will keep short of this. Is this correct?

dont forget you may have to comply with building regs between 15 and 30sqm

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