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8 Apr 2011
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United Kingdom
hi, i was wondering if anyone can help, ive had my gas fire for 7 years, it wont light up with the ignition anymore and when i use my lighter to light it, the pilot flame lights but the fire wont light up fully even if i hold it in for a while, when i took a closer look at the ignition it seems that the bit of metal that comes out of the ceramic igniter has broke off. i know these are quite cheap and i think this would prevent the ignition from working but i would of thought that it should start up with a lighter. CAN ANY GIVE ADVICE AS TO WHAT IT IS PLEASE.
thanks Dan
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The pilot flame should play on a slim metal bulb device called a thermocouple....when this thing gets hot, it instructs the gas valve to keep the gas flowing. I'd guess this is the fault.
As for the igniter, if there's bits broken away then thats it - but its a reasonable idea to look for the spark in darkness in case its tracking somewhere else.
John :)
hi, thanks for reply, the ignition does spark but it sparks at the bottom of the ceramic instead of at the top, i suspect it could have a crack in it, i also suspect that the coupling is tired, how much roughly would a corgi plumber charge to repair this problem,
Thanks Dan
Sponsored Links much roughly would a corgi plumber charge to repair this problem
Corgi has nothing to do with gas safety any more, it is GSR now.
As for the cost, it is impossible to quote as it is anybody's guess what it takes to solve the problem without seeing the fire.
I could tell you how to get the fire working, but I wont. I WILL tell you that if you phoned me, I would ask when was the last service, and I would guess that it is more than a year.

If your fire was new 7 years ago, then you probably have a combined thermocouple, igniter and pilot burner, known as an ODS.

I would quote you £80 for a service PLUS the cost of the ODS which can vary from £20 through to £60 ish

The standard charge is for a one off service, and assumes that there is no installation defects or further problems requiring a revisit.

Every one haas their own prices and mine include vat

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