Glowworm Ultimate 40BF

19 Apr 2011
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United Kingdom

I was wondering if I could get some help, we have a Glowworm Ultimate 40BF with a hot water tank and a manual valve for the central heating.

Unfortunately we have no hot water but the central heating itself works fine. We had the system inspected a day or so ago and the plumber told us the hot water should work fine if the CH valve is turned off, but still no hot water.

The boiler's pilot light seems fine, but the boiler itself doesn't seem to kick in when you turn the hot water taps on like it does with the CH.

Any ideas?

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The call for heat is created by the cylinder thermostat.

Its possible this has failed.

Your system sounds rather basic.

I dont understand why a plumber apparently came and inspected it and went away leaving it not working.

Was he paid?

Call him back!
it is a very basic system, we live in a rented house so he was only coming to do a safety check for the gas plus he was very quick (seemed thorough however) plus, rookie mistake, believed him when he said that should work without trying it!
I am not convinced its actually faulty as it could be that you are not operating it correctly.

What happens when you select heating, close that valve and wait an hour before testing the hot water?

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There is no "select heating"

There's a timing switch with the ability to be on/off/timer
and theres a manual valve which controls the water to the CH, other than that theres just the standard dials etc on the boiler but very basic itself..

It's very possible we are just not operating it correctly, and to be honest I hope thats the case then its an easy fix!
It's very possible we are just not operating it correctly, and to be honest I hope thats the case then its an easy fix![/quote]

Turn ON system. Turn OFF heat valve. WAIT an hour or so. Hot water will be stored incylinder, to be drawn via taps. It isn't instantaneous.
I'll try again now over night just in case we did something wrong, but we did that last night.

I've also tried leaving the boiler on and running the hot taps to try and move the water in the tank. It appears (although I can't be certain I know the exact pipes) that hot water is going into the tank but cold water is going out (Pipes that appear to come from the boiler are hot, other pipes are cold, plus taps are cold)

Thanks so much for your help, fingers crossed by morning its working!

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