Government Rwanda plan ...

16 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom
... has been deemed unlawful by the Supreme Court, upholding Appeal Court ruling.
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I hadn't realised that Israel had a deal with them which wasn't observed by Rawanda, so it seems Cruella's plan was always bound to fail. There was no evidence that Rawanda could be trusted to observe the memorandum of understanding that wasn't even legally binding. Cue the next round of culture wars within the tory party. Stop the boats lol.

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Therefore, the only thing they have proposed, the new immigration laws, will never be implemented in full.

We're gonna need more floating hotels...
We're still on Plan A, which is open borders while pretending they give a ****, keeping wages nice and low and bosses nice and rich.

Labour seems to have a very similar plan, or at least hasn't suggested anything different.

Neither party wants to actually stop it.
Neither party can stop it - Cruella's claim that the PM 'broke promises' is laughable if she actually believed them.
Rwanda was never a plan A

It wasn't created to work, it was designed to fail, giving the Tories an opportunity to push the blame onto "lefties lawyers"

Interesting how Tory supporters on here fall for Tory propaganda
So it was a win if it failed, and a win if it succeeded?
I think they really thought it would be implemented.
So er RishiRich what's your plan B?

This is their A plan - they knew it would fail but it gave them enough breathing space to now continue with their A plan which is to exit the convention on Human Rights - that is absolutely frightening because you may agree with the current Government but what hapens when a Government comes in which you don't agree with and there is no supranational body to air your claims / grievances.

We are better than this but when a Government has completely failed all they have is division and misdirection.
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