Heavy handed Morrison

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When the story broke to the press I bet there was a emergency management meeting ... a lot of folk was talking about boycotting it,affecting sales,shares. and now they are admitting making a mistake :oops:

If they stood by their decision it would have been interesting seeing their stores empty over the coming weeks
Pred! I knew I could sense a common bond (Biker) :)

Ok, here's the thing, or A thing..

My friend used to work for The Leeds Building Soc. She was very happy there and it was like a family of sorts. If you have ever worked somewhere like it you will know the situation. I once worked at a big company with the same feeling of 'togetherness'.

It all changed for my friend when they were taken over by The Halifax though! New ****$ came in and it all turned to $h1t. She vowed she would never work for them again!

I'm going back a long time now and, long story short, she actually works for a different branch of Halifax, no less, and could not be happier and more respected for her in-depth financial knowledge and customer service :eek:

Again, I'm going back some years now but the moral of this post is that you cannot tar an entire organisation because of one, or even several, branches. It's down to the 'captain of that ship'.

All huge organisations have little Hitlers and a-holes! The blame should actually lie with how these companies weed them out. THAT is the true worth of the best...

Ask yourself, if YOU ran a massive organisation or business can you honestly say you would be able to appoint and oversee each and every moronic manager, malevolent worker and poor customer experience?

Be honest now...
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