Help I cant turn my heating off!

14 Jan 2009
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United Kingdom
I have a lifestyle LP241 boiler and I am having problems. It is about 6 years old and I havent had problems before but now it wont allow me to turn my heating off. The programmer is working as normal but my boiler and radiators are on constantly. Many plumbers I have spoken to dont know what it is and suspect it is an electrical problem. I have turned it off then back on again and it is the same. I have been told to press the reset button but cant seem to find this anywhere. Can anyone please help? :(
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i take it the ch is off at the programmer and the red led is not lit?

have you got two of these next to the hot water cylinder ?
Yes that is right about the led light not being on.

I have one of these things pictured here and another that looks a little similar but says zone valve actuator. This one is plastic though.
your heating one is stuck.
are the rads still getting hot when the programmer is off and the boiler still running ?
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how can I tell which one is for heating the water and which one is for heating the radiators?
you'll see a pump

then the pipe will go to the valves, the pipe on one will go to the hot water cylinder half way up. thats the hot water one.

the other one will probably go into the floor. thats the heating

or put a pic on here of the valves layout.
ok I think the metal one is for the hot water because it looks like it is connected to the hot water tank. So I think the plastic one is for the radiators. There are a three black switches on it, do I need to press or move one of these?
one switch on the side will push in and the actuator (plastic part) will lift off.

the other one on the other side will be the position of the valve. may have two letters above it.

the lever on the end is the manual or auto lever.

try taking the actuator off and the valve may return as the spindle may be seized.

does it have any names or model numbers on the top ?
I have pushed in the switch on the end and the boiler has stopped making the noise as though it is on. Nothing came off but I think that might have fixed it. I will wait a little while and see if my boiler starts up again or not.
the switch on the end is the auto lever.
the one on the side removes the head.

the lever on the end does link to the spindle drive inside and you may of freed it by giving it a push.

try it at the programmer turn it on see if it fires then turn off again see if it stops.
Ok I turned it on at the programmer and nothing happened I thought this may have been because it was still hot and I had turned the thermostat down. So I turned the thermostat back up to 21 degrees which is what I normally have it on and I heard a click from the hot water tank cupboard. The boiler fired up and the black switch has pushed itself back out again. I have pushed the switch back again for it to stop.

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