Hi All, Newbie Here in midst of extension

One are of this project I did consider doing myself but only due to time I decided against it was the house frontage, namely the driveway. I knew what I wanted and after several quotes I decided to go with a local firm as the price quoted was not the cheapest but not the dearest either but seemed like a genuine bunch.

So this is house it looked originally...

1 Original Frontage by Gary O'Rourke, on Flickr

The excavating started off on the first Monday of July 2017 in the afternoon

2 Excavating by Gary O'Rourke, on Flickr
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It was left like this as 4 more tonnes of hardcore was required and the bulk of the materials were being delivered on the Thursday, 3 days later.

3 Excavated by Gary O'Rourke, on Flickr

As promised, all materials turned up and they started laying the pavers on Thursday morning...

By 7pm Thursday night it was done..

IMG_9900 by Gary O'Rourke, on Flickr

5 Different angle by Gary O'Rourke, on Flickr

Another job done, albeit, I didn't do this one
Sorry for lack of updates but was given a training course at very short notice and have been working away for the last couple of months....

However prior to this I did manage to get the shed build near the point of completion but for a few personal touches, such as creating shelving, finishing off the painting etc, but suffice to say I boarded it out...

IMG_9917 by Gary O'Rourke, on Flickr

IMG_9919 by Gary O'Rourke, on Flickr

IMG_9926 by Gary O'Rourke, on Flickr

And had the electrics installed so have 2 double sockets and a large square LED light fed off its owns all consumer unit and also had fitted a couple of external PIR downlights
To save time I had my brother in law skim the boards as it would have taken me a lot longer and I was tight on time, once dried a gave the walls a good mist coat and then just painted the walls with some paint I had left over from the house project. This is only to give it a base as I intent to put a bit of colour in there once I have the shelving and storage sorted out.

I then prepped the floor ready to lay down some flooring which i picked up locally from an eBay seller..

IMG_9936 by Gary O'Rourke, on Flickr

Having laid the floor, I had a couple of drawer units left over from the house extension build so i fitted them in place and also purchased a couple of 3m length kitchen worktops from Howdens as the were slightly marked thus paid very little for them and cut them down to run along the walls either side of the shed to provide plenty of worktop space

IMG_9950 by Gary O'Rourke, on Flickr
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Also due to a water leak a few years ago I had intended to redo the ceiling in the living room but given the amount of work I had done in the rest of the house, I decided to get it overboarded and reskimmed, thus covering the original artex ceiling.

IMG_9933 by Gary O'Rourke, on Flickr

I also ripped out all the original skirting and architrave and replaced it all. Sanded down all the walls having filled any holes from the shelving and curtain poles that were taken down and to be replaced with blinds instead to provide a neater/cleaner modern look

I had the plumber come in a replace the original radiator with a nice and more modern one and set about painting and glossing ready for the carpet to be fitted.

Carpet was fitted a couple of weeks later and just waiting for the new furniture to be delivered which is this week sometime

IMG_0036 by Gary O'Rourke, on Flickr

Just need to sand down the filler around the radiator pipework and touch up the paintwork then replace the original plug sockets and light switches for new ones
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Due to photobucket ruining so many threads worldwide I have moved all the photos across to flickr and they can be seen here..


Should you wish to view the work. unfortunately i do not think they are in any particular order and I cannot edit the pages in this thread on here any more to add them back in where they were removed from
Cant believe its ben so long since my last update! what with Christmas and all the miserable weather and me on a training course for 4 months i have been pretty busy.

But I'm glad to say i am coming to the end of the project, finally. Just some minor things to today up and the garage and garden to finish off.

The main thing was replacing all the skirting and architrave upstairs, skimming all the ceilings and repainting. then the carpets went down in all but the last bedroom as that was the storage room for all the beds and stuff from the other rooms whilst carpeting.

so the bannister was stripped back, undercoated and re-glossed along with all the other woodwork.

IMG_0055 by Gary ORourke, on Flickr
another bedroom repainted and woodwork replaced and glossed

IMG_0059 by Gary ORourke, on Flickr

The hallway all carpeted now

IMG_0062 by Gary ORourke, on Flickr
final bedroom was storage for everything else and looked like this

IMG_0079 by Gary ORourke, on Flickr

obligatory artex ceilings!!!
IMG_0090 by Gary ORourke, on Flickr

First job was to rip it all out to provide a blank canvas as they say

IMG_0096 by Gary ORourke, on Flickr

Then get the ceiling skimmed

IMG_0100 by Gary ORourke, on Flickr

That left me with the skirting and architrave to rip out, replace and sand down the wardrobe doors before re-glossing it all and repainting the room.
Once this was done, we got the carpet fitters in to finish off the carpets.

IMG_0101 by Gary ORourke, on Flickr

IMG_0110 by Gary ORourke, on Flickr

IMG_0111 by Gary ORourke, on Flickr
So thats the house done but for a few odd little touch ups, light switches and plug sockets to be changed...

Also garage floor is tiled now and just need to finish the painting in there, then lay the artificial grass in the garden then hopefully, this summer, I can relax before i get bored and want to start something else :D

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