Hive to Ideal Logic+ 24 Combi

5 Jan 2018
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First post, go easy!

I'm trying to wire a Hive thermostat to my Ideal Logic 24 combi boiler but I'm having issues. I've followed a few of the similar topics on here but I'm having no joy. The problem I'm having is after wiring, the boiler is just always on and no calls from the Hive to turn on or off are being actioned by the boiler.

I have tried a couple of different ways of wiring (from what has been suggested), but currently have this...


So I have live into the boiler from live in the Hive receiver, N into the boiler from N in the receiver, and earth into the boiler from earth in the receiver. On the right, second from the right on the boiler, I have a wire (brown) straight to 1 on the Hive receiver. I have also tried with another wire from the far right on the boiler (room/stat) to 3 on the Hive receiver.


All the wires coming in from the boiler as described above, plus live, neutral and earth from the isolator switch. I have added a link from 3 to live, but also tried a link straight from 3 to the empty room/stat point in the boiler.

So now when I turn o the power, the boiler powers up fine and i can use any dials on the front to operate it, and the Hive thermostat works fine with the Hive receiver, but no calls to turn on/off the boiler are working between the receiver and the boiler.

Can anyone help???! Please!
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Seems like you’ve wired it with a permanent live supplying the thermostat. Basically is on all the time.
@nwgs Thanks for the reply... Can you explain a little more please? Should I not have a live coming out of the receiver to live on the boiler? If so would you know what should go to live on the boiler? thanks in advance
Looks like the link should go to 1 not 3 and 2 and 3 should be used for the thermostat switching
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Just one last thing to check... should I still have a live out from perm live in the Receiver to live on the boiler?
So I tried and no joy...

Pics of how I wired it up according to instructions above.


Earth, Neutral and Live all linked from Earth, Neutral and Live in the Hive receiver. Timer/Room stat (top 2 points in above pict) wires from 2 and 3 on Hive receiver.


So the receiver now has neutral, live and earth in from the mains, and the same back out to the boiler. Linked from live to 1 as instructed. 2 and 3 go to timer/stat on boiler.

Boiler still just stays on or off depending on what is set directly on the boiler, doesn't honour any commands from the Hive thermostat.

Any other ideas?

Far too much copper visible in your second pic. First is good; re-do second like that.
Danger is tiny loose strands of copper sparking.
Ok I have followed @picasso 's advice and it seems to work! Seems that there is a small delay in the boiler powering off after the heating has reached the right temperature, or after you turn it off manually with the Hive. Seems a little flaky at the moment, there is a built in thermostat on the boiler which it seems to conflict with. I will monitor and see how it goes.

@endecotp Will clean up, thanks
Wonder if anyone could help me witha combi c30 I've connect a 4 core an earth cable to hive reciever and boiler the heating works but takes a while to kick in is this correct, the reciever is my wiring, the boiler i removed old stat put black an grey in to replace an L N E in boiler supply. Only issue seem to be having now is getting the app to connect any ideas?
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