9 Mar 2014
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Hi all, after perusing the forum and reading one article on the installation of the max3, I have followed the cabling and install as per the post and confirmed it with the install sheet that came with my reader, but I still can't get the reader to set and unset the system when presented with a valid RF card, I does beep and the amber light illuminates, this continued until the card is removed when LED 3 is re-lit and it just sits there doing nothing.

Can anyone shed some light as to where I am going wrong please? I have registered it to the system with address 3, the system has added it as module 7 of 7 and my firmware is 1.55 on the G2-20.

The user prox card max setting is set to allow set and unset, could it be to do with the "MAX Cause" setting in menu 51? if so what should it be set as?

Thanks, (and sorry for the long winded post)

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The user MAX function needs to set the alarm. You should program the card into the user by pressing 'A' and '1' together and "learning" it. This is different from using uthe MAX reader to open a door (when you type the card number in).

There is a chance that I've got this wrong but one of the Galaxy guys will be along soon to correct me, if I have!! I know that it's very confusing... :confused::eek::LOL:
Hi EightyTwo,

I've done that, RF cards set and unset perfectly when used with a keyprox, I just can't get my head around the max3 :confused:

You need to program the number on the fob for the max reader and not the number that is auto detected by the keyprox.

If you want the user to be able to use the max and the keyprox for set/unset, then the user will need two accounts - one with max code and one with the keyprox auto detected code.

The non-Honeywell tags or cards don't have the max number printed, but the flat black tags do.
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Hi Galaxy Guy,

I tried typing the code in that's on the front of the prox card but it still wont work is there a certain amount of numbers that it needs to be?

okay so It needs to be a specific 9 digit code, when you say MAX based number does it need to be a certain set of numbers, like a check digit on a barcode?
It needs to be the number on the Honeywell Galaxy tag. This is a galaxy specific number. When you buy off the shelf tags and cards, the number they transmit is the number printed on the device. The keyprox does not convert this number, so you will see that the number auto detected by the keyprox is the same as what's printed on the standard off the shelf parts. The max reader is different - it converts the standard number using an algorithm and uses the converted number.

The algorithm isn't provided, but they (honeywell) print the converted number (that the max reader uses) on the black tags. If you scan the black galaxy tag with the keyprox, you will notice that the scanned number does not match the number that is on the galaxy tag.
Ahh I see, so using a Honeywell official tag will work, is there anywhere you would recommend to get the tags?


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