honeywell galaxy

  1. H

    honeywell galaxy wireless smoke detector

    hello, I have 2 honeywell galaxy systems, a g2 and a flex, but is it possible to connect one RF smoke detector (DFO800M) to 2 systems, thanks in advance
  2. J

    Honeywell Galaxy - Stuck in engineer mode & RIO 102 AC fail

    Hi all, I have some experience with Texecom but none with Honeywell and have just inherited a Galaxy system in a property that I have taken over. The alarm seems to be stuck in engineer mode. The error shown when trying to exit engineer mode is RIO 102 AC FAIL. There does seem to be an...
  3. H

    Honeywell galaxy G2 RF_FAIL

    Hello, could someone help me? I have a Honeywell Galaxy G2 20 (non ADT) system and I keep getting an RF fail. I have already replaced the G2 20 with a spare, but the error keeps coming back. The RF portal is old and there is no address potentiometer yet. the system has 2 keypads 2 wired zones 16...
  4. R

    Honeywell FLEX-050+ V.3.52 Event Notifications Issue

    I am unable to receive zone alarm event notification to my Crestron hosted TCP server. Few events like RP, TA, YT etc being received. However during a zone alarm no messages are send from panel. SIA level is at max 3. What could be the issue? TIA
  5. W

    Honeywell Galaxy 2-12 C012 stuck on Engineer mode

    Hi all, I have a Honeywell Galaxy 2-12 C012 and I can't seem to get it out of the engineering mode. I've entered the engineer code followed by ENT button. It just shows "Status Unset" for a few seconds then goes to the menu options. When I press ESC button it comes out of the options menu and...
  6. S

    Honeywell galaxy flex

    Hi. Look for some advice been doing some work around the house and it maybe un related. Have had this notification off my alarm on SelfMon could anyone point me in the direction of what the issue maybe. “Evnt= Burglary trouble. Burglary activated during testing. With additional zone code 1001...
  7. C

    Galaxy G2 confusion

    I was planning to get a Pyronix Euro Mini, but it would be good to have more than 10 zones (four bed bungalow with four outside doors and a garage). So the Galaxy G2 is looking promising, with 12 zones of of the box and, unlike the the Euro Mini, it is expandable. But the model range has me...
  8. M

    GxRemoteControl: unable to connect to panel invalid connection password

    Hello Members, I wonder if anyone can help me. I bought an e080-8 ethernet module from eBay and installed this. When I try and connect to the system using the gxremoteControl app I get the following error message. GxRemoteControl unable to connect to panel invalid connection password I've...
  9. I

    Honeywell galaxy ethernet module e080-2 'S' terminal

    Hi all - I've installed an e080-2 ethernet module (F099 01 208 on the chip sticker) into a Honeywell galaxy g2-20 (v1.56), connecting rs485 A/B and aux power +/-. It's not working - the panel seems to recognise the correct number of modules on the bus, but ethernet diagnostics under menu 60...
  10. G

    Honeywell keyprox not registering new tags

    Hi - and thanks in advance for your help! Despite having what I think is a reasonable understanding of electronics and computers, I'm stuck with getting a newly installed Galaxy Flex 20 with a Mk 7 keyprox keypad (CP038) to register any tags. I have set up a users with a PIN number and the...
  11. GemtownGreg

    Honeywell Galaxy 2 series. Can't get out of engineer mode. Grateful for help :)

    Hi there, Thank you for looking at my problem first of all. I'm not an engineer but I've found my way around our alarm system fairly well using the manual. I cannot get out of engineer mode. I've entered the engineer code and pressed escape, it checks for tampers and finds 'RF Module 4'. I...
  12. M

    Galaxy Flex Versions

    Hi. Have been looking for a Honeywell Galaxy Flex 050 alarm panel for a job, butvsees that there are manufacturing issues at present and they are in short supply with V3.1 firmware. Can a V1 panel be upgraded? These it seems are still available Thanks
  13. N

    Honeywell Galaxy 20, remove PIR devices

    Hi, I'm very new to all of this and recently acquired this system of a friend of mine. I have: Honeywell Galaxy 2-20 Honeywell CP038 keyboard panel Honeywell C079-2 RF portal I got it all powered up and have the password and engineer passwords both are default. Although it's showing me...
  14. B

    ADT Galaxy G2 problem

    Hello all, New to the forum and looking for some advice regarding what I suspect may be a common problem. Recently moved into a new property with an ADT branded Honeywell Galaxy G2 alarm installed. Contacted ADT and met with their sales rep but in the end I was underwhelmed by their offering...
  15. PhotographyJosh

    Honeywell Galaxy MAX3 Reader

    Hi all, after perusing the forum and reading one article on the installation of the max3, I have followed the cabling and install as per the post and confirmed it with the install sheet that came with my reader, but I still can't get the reader to set and unset the system when presented with a...