GxRemoteControl: unable to connect to panel invalid connection password

11 Jul 2019
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United Kingdom
Hello Members,

I wonder if anyone can help me. I bought an e080-8 ethernet module from eBay and installed this.

When I try and connect to the system using the gxremoteControl app I get the following error message.

GxRemoteControl unable to connect to panel invalid connection password

I've tried searching for this, but as yet not been very sucessful. any pointers/suggestions would be appreciated.


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You only need to add the user pin and user level if the RSS passwords have not been set. Note that if RSS has not been used to set a password, then anyone can connect to your panel and change the settings.
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I never set anything on the panel. yet it still reports the message. where do I see the rss password?


Looking at this, I [re]set the Downloader ID to "99999999" which is meant to be the defaults as well as testing with and without this being set in the App. all scenarios made no difference.


AHH, you didn't say it was a G2 panel. The GX app will not work on s G2 panel. It only works on Dimension and Flex panels. The E080 on the G2 panel will only allow event reporting and RSS based programming.
Hi Galaxy Guy,

You are the font of all knowledge when it coms to Galaxy stuff!
I have a Flex50, firmware 3.37 (it seems it originated as an ADT panel although I did not know that at the time of purchase). I am trying to configure the panel to work with GX remote, set most thing up ok with the help of information you have instilled on this and other forums, but for the life of me I cannot set 53.6 control, it says option not available, so that I can control external devices. Also, cannot find a way to change the descriptor for the outputs, again it says option not available. Is this a firmware issue (does the ADT build cripple this do you know?) or do you think I have missed a step out in programming this outputs? You help and advice would be greatly appreciates.
I've not seen that on a Flex, but haven't used any ADT builds. Are you sure you're trying to configure an available output ? There are only 2 on the main PCB.

Thanks for the quick reply, really appreciate that. Yes only two on the main board but I have added the trigger module as well. I have enabled the module and I can see all 8 o/p's in programming but I can only choose one of the predefined output type and chose custom A, but for some reason I cannot rename the output or set control although the other parameters can be set?

I could reflash the panel with the latest firmware via the USB connection, but that would be a last resort as I have no way to save the configuration so that would mean a total reprogram :(
I would advise on taking the hit, as the app behaviour is unpredictable with old Ethernet and Panel firmware versions. Ethernet should be either 4.03 for the A083-00-02 or 4.11 for the A083-00-10 and the panel 3.51.
Cheers, I thought as much. It's not too bad as the system is mainly only being used for DCM door access and the idea was that I could use the GX remote to release/close the gate/door remotely. I could try building a link zone but it seems it would have been easier just to use the control on the app. The current panel software is readily available, however the ethernet s/w is only readily available for the current version of this board (10), do you know if this is still available or am I better off binning the 02 and upgrading?
Just though I would update you. I can program o/p 1&2 for control and can see them on the GX app, but it doesn't seem to matter whether the o/p's are programmed as pulse, latch or reflex the output is a short pulse on switching on and another short pulse when the control on the app is switch off again, not very helpful. When testing all the outputs on the trigger card they all seem to function as they have been set using the predefined output codes (bells, strobe, PA etc) Maybe on the flex you can only control o/p's 1&2 not all of them? Not a lot of information about on this as far as I can see.
So, In case anyone else has been trying to work this out, the outputs on the trigger header of Galaxy panels is not supported, so that's sorted that one. Still trying to work out why the output from main board o/p 1 & 2 is so unpredictable. Thanks for all your help Galaxy_Guy, appreciated.


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