honeywell alarm

  1. D

    Honeywell Galaxy G2: Wired Smoke Detector SGU601

    I have a part wired/part wireless Galaxy G2-12 panel with an SGU601 fire alarm wired in to it. The SGU601 was here when I moved in a few months ago, and it could have potentially been fitted in 2004 - so is very old. I've noticed that it's not going off (eg when my wife burns the toast) even...
  2. StephenH1000

    HoneywellGalaxy 2 SilentEntry

    Hi all, looking for the option to have alarm silenced when triggering the alarm in the morning. Just looking for 10-20seconds to be able to turnoff the alarm before the audible tone as this is waking the house when leaving early. Is this possible? Thanks in advance
  3. W

    Honeywell Galaxy 2-12 C012 stuck on Engineer mode

    Hi all, I have a Honeywell Galaxy 2-12 C012 and I can't seem to get it out of the engineering mode. I've entered the engineer code followed by ENT button. It just shows "Status Unset" for a few seconds then goes to the menu options. When I press ESC button it comes out of the options menu and...
  4. N

    Galaxy Flex and Touchcentre

    Good evening I am after some advice if I may please. I have a Galaxy Flex100 panel and we want to link up TWO Galaxy Touch Centres to it. I believe on a standard panel we can only use one Touch Centre. Is there any expansion modules or similar we can use so that both Touch Centres can be used...
  5. N

    G2-12 Alarm Bell Wiring

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me. I've recently installed a Honeywell G2-12 into my home. I've installed all the sensors and everything was working fine. Lastly I needed to wire the internal sounder (i've decided I don't require ta bell box at the moment). Whilst installing the internal...
  6. Rupee

    Help with a Honeywell Galaxy alarm

    Please can someone help. I have a Honeywell Galaxy alarm and it is asking for the manager reset. I have managed to get into it, but then it just states - 4 alarms. This means nothing to me. Can anyone help me. All I want to do is go back to the normal screen and set the alarm. Thanks for any...
  7. I

    Honeywell Galaxy G3-48C - Call Alarm Co. Quote Code Problem

    Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone could help me... I've recently got a Honeywell Galaxy G3-48C System However when I power the system on, there is a consent buzzing noise from the keypad. When I look at the keypad display it's displaying "Call Alarm Co. Quote Code 71105*" *Different code on...
  8. K

    Gx Remote Honeywell

    Looking for some help, ive recently changed my phone from an iphone to a samsung, just downloaded an apk file as GX Remote isn't on the play store. Entered the same details as before but its bringing up a fault saying "please check host name/port" .. works fine on the iPhone tho, any ideas?
  9. B

    Accenta G4 alarm - adding panic button

    We have an Accenta G4 alarm system fitted with an LED remote panel installed adjacent to the front door. I was wondering if it was possible to install a Panic Button by wiring directly into the remote keypad, and if so, which terminals would need to be shorted when the button was pressed. I...
  10. M

    GxRemoteControl: unable to connect to panel invalid connection password

    Hello Members, I wonder if anyone can help me. I bought an e080-8 ethernet module from eBay and installed this. When I try and connect to the system using the gxremoteControl app I get the following error message. GxRemoteControl unable to connect to panel invalid connection password I've...
  11. Bodgy Bob

    Honeywell 'GX Remote Control' app missing from Google Play

    It seems that Honeywell has recently pulled the GX Remote Control Android mobile application from Google Play, interestingly the iTunes store version remains online. Does anyone have any information or knowledge of why the Android version has been removed?
  12. G

    Honeywell keyprox not registering new tags

    Hi - and thanks in advance for your help! Despite having what I think is a reasonable understanding of electronics and computers, I'm stuck with getting a newly installed Galaxy Flex 20 with a Mk 7 keyprox keypad (CP038) to register any tags. I have set up a users with a PIN number and the...
  13. S

    Honeywell Activ8 PIR Alarm Set Up

    Hi. I have fitted Honeywell Activ8 PIR sensors to my house but there seems to be an omission from the instructions. Each sensor comes with a brown shaped piece of plastic that is specially shaped to fit behind the lens (photo attached). When you unpack the sensor from the box it is not fitted...
  14. R

    Intellisense 800L alarm

    I have forgotten the code for my alarm and just tried to reset it by disconnecting both mains and battery, now the alarm won’t stop, the outside sounder has stopped but inside I’ve had to disconnect the bell to quieten it. There are no lights on the keypad now either. I tried both the default...
  15. L

    Alarm going off when not set Honeywell (securit 800L+)

    My alarm went off today when it was not set. It stopped when the security code was entered now on the panel the tir light is amber the mains is green and day light Amber. Anybody any ideas what might have caused this? I was not home at the time but it seems like the alarm was not going off...
  16. GemtownGreg

    Honeywell Galaxy 2 series. Can't get out of engineer mode. Grateful for help :)

    Hi there, Thank you for looking at my problem first of all. I'm not an engineer but I've found my way around our alarm system fairly well using the manual. I cannot get out of engineer mode. I've entered the engineer code and pressed escape, it checks for tampers and finds 'RF Module 4'. I...
  17. tonydryer

    Help needed with ex ADT alarm

    I wonder if anyone can help with this. I cancelled my ADT contract last year as thought I didn't need the monitoring and maintenance aspect of it. I still use the alarm even though it's not monitored as my mother finds it very reassuring when in home on her own. Couldn't set alarm...