How deep for wall footings?

24 Nov 2009
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West Glamorgan
United Kingdom
Hi all will be starting to build my brick shed in around a months time. I just like to have a bit of info regarding footings. The ground where i will be building on atm is clay, im living on a hill and at im at the top neighbours garden is around 4 foot lower than mine. Ive been doing a some research on footings for when i build a wall but most say around 600mm deep. would that be suited for me? the shed walls will be single brick want the cheapest method possible within reason.

How wide would the footings have to be for normal single block wall?
At what distance should the support walls be apart?

maybe if i post a photo of where i plan to build it might help? thanks in advance greatly appreciate all the advice

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Depends how good a job you want to do if its not under b/regs control. Photo of garden showing shed position and ground levels might well help.

Generally, in the absence of nearby trees or drains, 750mm would be a minimum depth in clay and a 450mm wide foundation would be fine for a 100mm wide wall in firm ground. If the gardens are stepped I would suspect made up ground in places though and your foundation depth might depend on how close to the drop in garden level you are.
good point there with sewer etc, i know my manhole runs in same direction where shed will be plus mains water so i will have to take all that into account i put string there for a temp guide its gone now. thanks for all advice greatly appreciated as always


Looks like you intend to build right up to the boundary so you should be taking your footings down to at least the same level as your neighbours garden, say 300mm more.. so something like 1.5m deep.. or you risk adding extra load to the retaining wall
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thanks for advice, ok so best bet it so dig right down to match my neighbours footings think the blocks go down an extra 3 - 4 his side got alot of digging to do lol. Would it be ok to use my existing back wall as one wall for shed? any good methods for breaking through the clay? the level i got it down to is solid to maybe need a good pick axe? or would a fork be better?thanks in advance


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