How to terminate a cable out of flexible conduit

20 Jun 2017
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United Kingdom

I’ve got a flexible plastic conduit coming out of a junction box, where it is terminated with flexible conduit glands. On the other end, a 0.75mm flex cable comes out of it, and goes into a light. The 0.75mm flex is factory fitted to the light, and unfortunately it is not possible to terminate a flexible conduit gland into the light as the hole is too small.

I’m wondering what is the best way to terminate the cable as it comes out of the flexible conduit?
My ideas are to either leave the end completely open and just butt it up as close to the light as possible, OR to fit a flexible conduit gland to the end of the conduit, fit a threaded coupler, and then a standard round cable gland after that, so the entry to the flexible conduit would be completely sealed.
Which do you think is better, or are there other better options?

Thanks for any replies
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Buy a better light, with room for a 20mm hole and a gland?

Remove the conduit? Do you actually need it?
It’s a spike light, and I haven’t found any that look like I could fit a 20mm gland to them. I used the conduit because the 230v flex would run across the ground for about 60cm, so I thought it would be best to protect it a bit with conduit.
Cant you make the hole bigger? Or put it somewhere else?
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It’s an outside spike light. The hole in the light is right at the edge, so the size can’t be increased, and I don’t think I could make another hole, as the base has lots of mouldings that the gu10 lampholder is attached to.
That’s the back of the light.


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I was thinking of using this at the light end of the conduit.


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Some may disagree but i dont like seing cable passing through a Metal unearthed coupler, however no one makes a plastic version, best you can use is two Male couplers and a very short bit of plastic pipe to butt them together.
When we fitted spike lights in pubs, we would use a 3 x3 plastic box on the end of the kopex next to the light and flex into that, usually putting in a 4x4 post stump by the light and fixing the box to that.
In this case there was a fence post 60cm away, so I decided to use that, although I like your idea of using post stumps. That would have been hard for me though because the spike light is in the middle of some garden bushes, and I didn’t fancy crawling around in there!

I could swap the metal coupler for plastic. I thought this might be better than leaving the end open for water or animals to get into, and then get into the junction box.

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