How's your luck with Premium Bonds?

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Interest rates are rising again, so probably the prize fund will also go up.

"Live news: BoE raises key interest rate by quarter point to 4.25%"​

Unfortunately inflation is over 10% again. It terrible for destroying cash savings.
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I've won double what I won last month. Unfortunately that’s still feck all! :LOL:
And I’ve trebled it this month. Nuffink for me, Nuffink for Mrs Mottie, £50 for Mrs Motties mum, the jammy ****!
Middle of a doughnut, again.
I take it all the old boys have the maximum amount.

Both me and Mrs Mottie had the max amount allowed but we withdrew it and put it into savings that pay us each the equivalent of four and a bit wins each, each month. Just after that, her brother unexpectedly paid us back some money he owed us so we stuck £15k in one account in my name and a smaller amount in another account in her name. Both won the first draw or two and then sod all since!
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