How's your luck with Premium Bonds?

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Ha ha

I won £75 even though I am running down the balance (due to inflation greatly exceeding returns on cash)
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Well, I’ve already had my premium bond 'winnings' this month. I moved my dosh into an interest paying account. I got the equivalent of two and a bit bond 'wins' this morning. Already moved them again and I’ll be getting the equivalent of four and a bit bond wins from next month on. Last month for Mrs Mottie in PB's too. She’s following my example and is moving her PB money to an interest paying account. Four and a bit 'wins' for her next month too. Might come back if the interest rate falls back to silly levels but I can’t see that happening for a while.
It's still showing my june win of £75

In other news, I got some divs yesterday and today.
Last month for Mrs Mottie in PB's too.
A nice leaving present for Mrs Mottie. 3x£25. As she elected last week to withdraw her funds after the latest draw, she was convinced that they wouldn’t even be in the draw! She‘ll better that next month and every month for the following 11 months too.


:unsure: I wonder if I’d have won anything this month if I’d stayed in? No. I mustn’t think like that!
I’m back in!
Out of the blue this weekend, Mrs Motties brother finally coughed up a fair size chunk of cash that he had borrowed from us over 4 years ago. Co-incidentally it was almost the same amount that we gave our daughter towards the deposit on her flat. Obviously what we give to one we give to the other so our son will get the same. He's getting married in August and they are going to start looking for a home to buy after that. I’ve bought bonds with it in my name and he's ONLY getting it (plus any winnings) when he buys a house!
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Only went back in in July so won’t be in the draw this month but on the brighter side, between us we've had the equivalent of eight and a bit premium bond wins this month by moving our money into an account paying monthly interest and it’s not even a full month. That’s guaranteed for the next 11 months.
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