.....i give up



I run a website (no its not THAT type, and no its not the one i host pictures with) but it is just an "information" site.

I have had an email in asking me to send a quote for some work (vague information supplied to quote on) , the thing is no where on the site does it say that i do "work" it is just a pure information site only.

I guess you could say its like Americans not reading the sticky post in appliances, some times i just want to give up.

any one else run a site (no advertising) with similar problems or get calls to do work that they do not do, ie, builder to build a cake, electrician to plumb in a shower
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Two genuine phone calls I have had:

Caller: Can you make me a table?
Me: Yes
Caller: How much is it?


Caller: Can you make a cupboard?
Me: Yes
Caller: How big are they?
answer one: amillion zillion gillion pounds

answer two: twice as long as from the middle to the end
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Funniest call I ever had was " Are you Spaniel Registered?"

"You what? I mean, Pardon?" [Laugh loudly]

"Spaniel? Isn't that what you call it?"

"Call what?" [Guffaw uncontrollably]

"Where you can do gas"

"Oh!!" "You mean Corgi?" [Tries not to titter]

"Oh s***, I knew it was a breed connected to Monarchs!"

[Give up pretence and split sides fully]