Increasing Garage Sockets and Lights

1 Apr 2013
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United Kingdom
I have a house which is 2.5 years old. The garage is wired up with a cable coming in from the house and then into a switched fused outlet. This outlet powers a single light fitting and in the outlet a spur is fed off to power a double socket.

I want to expand this to have lights at the front, middle and back of the garage and to add an extra double socket. I also want an outside security light which could connect to one of the sockets via flex cable and plug, or I could connect via a fused spur outlet.

1. Is this possibe with the current setup?

2. Is this outside of Part P? i.e. can I do this myself without the need for inspection?

3. I was thinking of making this a proper project and installing a consumer unit with 3x circuit breakers for the sockets, lighting and the fused spur for the security light rather than plug and socket

4. I presume the garage feed is fed off the house ring main, which has it's own RCD trip so therefore the CU does not need an RCD.
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1 - Probably
2 - Notifiable in Wales, not in England. Other countries are available.
3 - Installing a consumer unit is notifiable in both England and Wales.
4 - If the garage is supplied from another circuit in the house, there is no point in installing a consumer unit of any kind.
Ok, thanks for the confirmation. I will skip the CU.

Here's the fused switch that controls the lights.


That's all there is. The armoured cable is fed in from the bottom and a single trunking comes out of the top. That trunking has two wires: one that feeds the sockets and the other feeds the light bulb.

I want to add a separate fused spur for the outside security light so should I replace this box, or just spur off the sockets cable where it exits the trunking and trails along the side of the joist?

The objective here is neatness, and to make it more intuitive that there is a switch for the internal lights and a fused spur for the outside security light.
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Neatness takes second place to safety and correctness.
Do not ‘spur’ from the sockets cable.
Leave the fused switch in place. It limits the current for the lights. You need to wire from the LOAD side of the fused switch to the new lights. Add another (unfused ) switch, if you want to control them separately.
OK, here's a picture of what it looks like now (as installed when new build)


Is there adequate room to run an extra cable into this? And should I tidy up the grey neutral, which is showing some copper?

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