I got educated, and got a pretty good job, kinda not working class - in the 30k's. this year i was lukcy enough to get a pay rise of 2%.

Fule is about to go up 9% food is doomeed because of the flood and therefor going up 10% or more....petrol gose up 5% a week!!

i used to be able to invest and spend, but these days i cant survive... my bills add up to more than wat i earn !

I'm sick of this country!
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17 May 2008
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United Kingdom
We spend £600 every week on fuel costs alone just to run a small business. A few of the workers are about to be paid off also.
Agree about food. This year has indeed been a wash out and food prices will inevitibly go up. Crops are all down at least 10% and a high percentage laying rotting in the fields.
A lot of people round these parts now washing thier own diesel also. Seems to be the way forward. Roads are littered with 1000l cube waste which the council have too clear up in the end.

Some of the guys have their vans fitted out with roller beds, so they fling open the back doors and roll the cubes out whilst travelling at high speed.
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