Interesting article on Covid-19

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2 Mar 2020
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United Kingdom
I suspect the first one relates to the police more or less every where not being that keen on reporters. Given the actual reports that come out from time to time that's not surprising. Stuff being posted on youtube can also make that worse as often they don't show the entire thing what ever it was.

Opinions on the animal sources are I suspect think rather than definite other than the bat aspect but there are lots of coronaviruses. Not sure about some of the ideas people have about the markets either. They have been shown on TV and appear to have live wild animal sections that aren't for eating. They are expensive. Problem for me is that there was no direct indication that the ones shown were in China. Some videos are more concerned with what people eat. That varies all over the world. Not all stick with cod and chips etc etc so it should be each to their own really. ;) Not all that long ago people in the UK wouldn't eat Asian food. Took a while to change that. I had to cook for my parents to even get them to try various european dishes ;) then they started trying various ones themselves. :) I had to slip garlic in without telling them.
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