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4 Sep 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi all
Our house was a new build about 15 years ago and all the internal doors had brass knob that turned a mortice tubular latch(?)

We want to update the handles but have discovered that the existing ones required a large ?(55mm ish)hole being drilled in the internal doors .The knobs consist of two parts with a spindle ,one half has two threaded holes and the other half fixes into it with a couple of set screws.

This seems to mean that to fit new handles we are going to need new doors just to change the knobs (becuase all the new handles weve seen dont cover the hole )unless anyone can tell me if the ones ive described are replaceable ,do the have a special name or type

Appreciate its a bit vague and could upload a picture at a push
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Alas, this is indeed the case with some door knobs....however, its very unlikely that a 50mm hole was actually needed in the first place - its the spacing of the securing screws that is the problem.
You'll need replacements that cover the existing holes, unfortunately, but sometimes the door itself is cheaper than the handles!
John :)
You may want to try cutting some circles out of thin (5mm MDF or similar) with a holesaw and using these as an attractive feature to cover the large holes. Once sanded and painted up, they will enhance your internal doors no end and you can then put new knobs on the doors. ;) ;)
John I was guessing that was the case ,I also guess they drilled the bigger hole becuse lining up th screw hole would have been a mare

Is ther a name for the type of handle I have (very poorly i know )described

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You are correct - the knobs you have turn whats called a 'tubular latch'.
Thats not the offending item, however as it only needs a 12mm hole for the knob follower bar to turn it.
You need a new knob to cover the existing hole - if you'll pardon the expression. Possibly the nearest you'll get is one called a 'lever on rose'....Screwfix and B&Q etc do them - the rose refers to a round moulding, with the door lever attached. You can get them at 54mm which may do. Look at Screwfix 40162.
Failing that, I'd follow joinerjohn's advice - he's seen it all before.
John :)
joiner john I had thought about that but the latch on the existing ones is a lot longer than any ive seen meaning that the spindle is about 4" to the centre ,all the latches will need changing as the existing ones seem to be specific to the knobs and consists of a smi circular spindle rather than the normal square

the only latches ive seen in the diy chains are 3" at best

if i was to cut the rings as you suggest the new hadles would be off set and look strange
Would it be too much hassle to plug all the holes tight with a similar wood glued in tight then re-finish and re-cut holes for the new handles?
Thanks to all for replies and apologies for not getting back,due to problems caused by the weather :rolleyes:

Managed to source some new kobs tha our gert liked and that were more or less an in /out replacement though had to change all the mortices as the originals were radius ones

Once again all replies were much appreciated and as ever helpful

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