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21 Jan 2016
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United Kingdom
My key fob has been acting erratically recently. The worst thing is that the key never matched the lock the door. And I don't have a key that fits the door lock. So, I am going to get a key and barrel lock for the door to manually open it anyway.
However, the fob is something I would like to fix and so I'd like to know any suggestions.
I have changed the battery and it hasn't made much difference.
Most of the time, the LED lights up on the Fob when I press the lock or unlock buttons.
I have tried the reset option by placing the fob in the ignition for a few seconds and then holding down the unlock button and pressing the lock button 3 times. This caused the fob to reset, and the car locked and unlocked itself upon reset. But still the fob isn't really working. Sometimes it unlocks within a few presses. Other times I could be there for up to 5 minutes trying to get it to lock or unlock. It's quite frustrating?

I have heard people suggest that unplugging a particular fuse, or pulling wires from a switch for a couple of hours can fix this problem? But I'm not sure where to start? Should I just buy a FOB on ebay? Is this definitely the FOB and not something in the car?
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No suggestions? If i remove the central locking fuse for an hour and then replace it, is there any hope it would help?
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I think you need to see if the fob is actually working - LED wise - every time you press it. Inside the fob there is a tiny PCB switch that doesn't last forever. If you are good with a soldering iron they are available from Maplins - four connections.
Otherwise, its a new fob, reprogrammed by a car lock specialist I guess - but there's nothing to stop you disconnecting the battery or fuses etc - that'll do no harm.
John :)
I'm handy enough with a soldering iron yeah, but this thing in tiny!! The fob LED lights up almost every time I press it, but it doesn't unlock the car. That happens once or twice every 20 to 40 presses!! So, considering the LED lights up, could it still be the solder joints?
It could easily be a dry joint or maybe even a cracked PCB.....especially if it's been pressed hard out of frustration!
These tiny switches are two pole so just because one pole is working (LED) that's no guarantee the other one is.
I'd certainly have a go with a miniature iron.....go over all the joints first if you like, but the switches come out easily enough.
John :)
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