Kitchen installation

lawrenso said:
My other posts have been on this matter. The reason we have had the kitchen replaced is that we have had to have the floor in the kitchen ripped out to be re-levelled due to shoddy work done by the builder
There you go again. :rolleyes:

I suppose that it is the nature of these forums that you only get people (ie me) from outside the trade posting when they are disatisfied or they have a problem
Wrong. All kinds of people post all kinds of things; it's only whingers like you who are perpetually dissatisfied.

Softus - please note that it has been yourself that has started throwing insults into this thread
You're quite wrong. If you take my description of what you've been doing as a personal insult, then you're misreading it. You whinge - I refer to you as a whinger.

also note the highlighted below
Are you working on your own home improvement project? Share tips, ideas, and frustrations with others.
Asking for corroboration of your own dissatisfaction isn't a sharing of frustration - not the way you did it.

But in your response (sarcasm ignored) you have put some valid advice and for that I thank you.
You're welcome, but nowhere have I used sarcasm.

In regards to the tradesman...<then a catalogue of gripes ensued>...

I am a member of other forums - ie related to my job and areas I am knowledgable in and provide advice on there to newbies who don't know how to search etc - and never try to spoil the thread, get personal or insult
Well you've spoilt this one, and you've been personal and insulting - quite a hat trick of failures by your criteria.

Anyway - a simple question - is 50 hours too much time for the level of work that has been done
Who gives a cr*p? What you're asking is no different to asking "how much", which is something the forum rules discourage. Why not ask on one of your other fora?
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Softus well said, some customers are simply put----> muppets, they just dont want to pay.

Do you really think if you get away with not paying the tradesman you wont pay later??? you dont even understand what i mean do you...................
Is 50 hours really all that much for what he's done? It doesn't sound like he's invoiced for all the time he has spent on site..?

Luckily my partner and I have a very good builder who we've used for our kitchen etc - our kitchen is a fairly small galley style affair but that would have taken 3-4 days (him working solo) after all problems etc. that were found with walls etc. were resolved - my attempt at DIY surgery with a stanley knife didn't help either!

No one on here is going to say 50 hours is way too much/too little without having been round before hand to do a survey/estimate of some kind; to do so would be irresponsible. Even then you never know what you're going to find when you start drilling walls etc.

What you may be able to ascertain is if the quality of work/finish is acceptable for the trade - i.e. if you are being 'picky' or not but in order to do this you will need to show us some photos. As per Softus you would then be able to approach him on the basis of getting necessary work rectified - saying to him that everyone on diynot thinks he ought to invest in a stetson etc. is not likely to go down well however, so I would use any advice given here for your own peace of mind rather than as a stick to beat people with...
And find someone next time who does a proper thorough survey and agrees to a quote for whole job in advance, not an hourly rate.

Any decent trades should do this and provide you with potential problem areas that may require further costs if necessary (and agreed at the time)
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Cracking thread whch made very good reading.

Softus, you are wasted as a plumber / tradesman. You would have made a brilliant barrister! :D
hours worked sounds fine to me.

i had a small kitchen fitted and it was priced on 4 days work.

your 50 h = 6 days and 2 h's.

what is the hourly rate? this is quite important.

i am a private landlord and not a trades person, but i have a fair bit of experience.

all sounds ok to me, but maybe the quality isnt there. the hours worked sounds fine though, so pay the guy minus the quality bits.

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