kitchen light circuit problem

28 Jun 2009
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United Kingdom
I have just replaced a set of halogen spots with a set of 6 spots with LED lights in part of the kitchen.
The main fuse also included the other half of kitchen with an old strip light and also the back room lights which has 2 rings of LED downlights ( 2 switches) put in 2 years ago in new ceiling - done by myself but after advice from a friends dad who is qualified electrician, and checked by him before connecting. This included a fused spur.

After replacing the kitchen spots this monday there was a brief spark where the 2 neutrals were initially together in old type connector, and now the strip and back room lights dont work, but the spots are OK. The wiring from the ceiling for the new spots is as per image i attach, earth i didnt sketch out. There are 3 old grey cables with red/black. I was a bit unsure as to why 2 of neutrals were going to the light set so i used separate push-in connecting blocks for the live, earth and neutral - putting the 3 neutrals into a 4 way block before them going to new light, The 3 live wires in the original side block i didnt touch.

Checking with a circuit diagram i wasnt too sure about putting 2 neutrals together into the block which has the neutral to the light. It does appear that both kitchen lights and back room are on same circuit but where could it have broken the circuit? However as i used new orange push in connectors (from TLC) , do all 3 wires connect together or do they act as 2x 2 pairs of wires so potentially this is where the circuit is broken?!

I pressed the green button on the fused spur, and the fuse seems ok. Is a test meter the only way i can tell where the circuit is broken? The strip bulb seems ok but there is a bit of blackening on the strip holder, but may just be because its old.

Hope this isnt as clear as mud, thanks for any help as i dont want to call out & pay an electrician if i can help it!

wiring image in my album - Cavair's album
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Do you still have the number of your friends Dad?
Just because they are black does not make them all neutral.
Do you have some approved test equipment and know how to do continuity, polarity and live voltage tests?
Unfortunately my friends dad is no longer available.
No i dont have test equipment but i have now found someone who may be able to test - he is retired and still has test meter.
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Problem sorted. The retired guy came over, wiring correct, just loose wire! as is often the way its something simple......
Thanks for reply.

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