Replacing kitchen light

Then it should do as I have set out - if wired usually.

Do you have any other lights which come on with this kitchen light - operated by the same switch.
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Just a single light... on 2 switches. Was working before I took strip light off. I can get the light to come on but switches then dont work.
How did you do that? That would suggest you have connected it to the supply cable - not using the switch(es).
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Not sure to be fair.... but if I was to wire up light would this be the correct way of the black wire were correct??


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IF it is the correct single black, it should be sleeved red.

If it is not the right one, it wiil blow the fuse - not really the way to proceed.

Also, the green and yellow should be connected to the other earths. I thought you said earth was not required.
I can get a beep when 1 probe on black and 1 probe on earth but light switches do not affect the beep
I wouldn't try putting power on unless 100% that was the right combination. Just wanted to know if that was the correct way to wire up.

I would red sleeve the single black wire when I can work out which one it is.

No place for earth on light unit.

All 3 earths are connected just like the reds.
Well, it looks right for the normal set up but there is no way of telling if you have chosen the correct black or have the normal set up.

If you have, then two blacks should beep when porbed to earth - remember only one earth wire will actually be connected to earth so probe to them in the connector block.

I don't know what else to advise other than to try the continuity test (beeps) again.
There must be some reason you are not getting the expected results.
The black wire with 1 blue tape beeps when probed with earth. When I add that to any of the remaining black wires I still get the beep.

Light switches do not change the beep.
This should be the beep situation with all wires except earths separated.


Edited - Originally incorrect for a normal lighting circuit.
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Only beep I get is with no1 black wire and earth... no other combination gives me a beep.
All separate apart from earth wires


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