Kitchen light wiring

16 Feb 2004
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United Kingdom
I am replacing one of the lights in the kitchen.

Being a fool I removed the wiring block without making a copy of where the wiring sat.

I have the following:

3 seperate cables all with live (Red), Neutral (Black) & Earth (bare wire).

These feed the light in the kitchen that I am replacing and two lights in the hallway.

One of the cables has red tape on it, one has black and one has no tape at all.
(The kitchen light is fed by two sperate switches on adjacent walls).

I have used the tape as guidance (after nothing else worked)and have the hall lights working but not the kitchen light.

I have done this by applying the following:

Red taped Cable - Use Red wire - connect to kitchen light (Brown Wire)

Black taped cable - Use Black wire - connect to kitchen light(blue wire)

no tape cable - Connect earth to kitchen earth.

I have then connected all other wires to their respective colours using blocks - red to red, black to black and earth to earth.

Please can someone help..I spent Sunday trying various options and i must be nearly there!

Many Thanks
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If you have a meter, turn power off, set meter to continuity or buzz, and connect it to each pair (r & b) in turn. With the kitchen light switch on , the meter will buzz when you have located the pair that goes to the switch (assuming 1 way switch) and will go off when the switch is off.

When you locate the switch pair, mark that black with red tape. This is your switchwire for the kitchen and goes to the live of the kitchen light fitting. All the blacks go together as neutral , and connect to the blue of kitchen fitting and all the reds go together but not to the fitting as the live loop. Of course, the bare earths go together (don't forget gree-yellow sleeving..... and if the fitting needs an earth then these need connecting to the fitting, too.

Hope this helps.

From what you are saying I need one of the black wires going to the live with one of the red wires for the light.

I would then put the other blacks together and connect them to neutral and earths to earth.

Is this correct?
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As I said b4, you need to identify the cable that goes to the switch and that black wire is marked red and connects to the live of the fitting. The other wire feeding the switch is permanent live (loop) which connects with all the other reds at the ceiling position. The rest is as b4.

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