Laminate floor and door thresholds

26 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom
If you use the same laminate flooring room to room do you need to have joins in the doorways?

Layout attached to give an idea of floor surface area I am talking about

Thinking I might do kitchen, dinning room and living room in same flooring - might even do the hall way as well (although original plan was to keep 70s parquet in hall). Cloakroom/utility was parquet (parquet & a loo -yuck!) - not decided whether to do that laminate too - or a good vinyl.

Find the doorway floor join things are a bit rubbish (and trap debris not shifted by a quick brush)...

Going for laminate at least until my children leave home and I have some chance of keeping a carpet clean!
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No need to have joins there - but its what people do if they want to say, change direction of the laminate or terminate for some other reason.
All you need to do is to trim the bottom off your doors!
John :)
Hi Lisi83
I guess it might lead to warping because of different temperatures and humidity in each room.
Mostly I think you will be making it more difficult for your self if you do. There is also the possibility of having to lift and repair, at least you will only have to work in one room. Imagine having to lift half the lounge floor to replace a bit in the hallway doorway!

Sorry just realised that was the old plan - door between kitchen & dining room has been opened up again since then -just edited (using album draw on tool -which worked surprisingly well)

(except just realised though it seems to have squashed the image - never mind you get the idea.... :D )
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the simple answer is you must have a door strip between any rooms if its greater than around 6m to comply with the gtee
the simple solution is build in all required gaps around each room but carry on from room to room and be prepared to cut out a 25mm chunk and introduce a threshold strip where nessisery
you have a 20% chance you will need to introduce between 2 rooms and a 60% chance over 3 rooms in a strait run off around 10m
Sorry if being dense -
Did you mean I should go for it - and if it starts buckling cut out a threshold?

If I'm right - and you can do that - what a good idea!
(except now I have to dither about which design will be suitable for the whole area...)
BTW didn't think about repairs but have thought about access...currently have an access hole in cupboard under stairs with crawl through in the sub walls to all areas...and if I vinyl the utility will have another one too
Not ideal I know - but as long as someone isn't claustrophic- can be done...
(don't think I could do it -so far from an 'escape' would make me panic)
the simple fact is you must leave the maximum expansion gap to comply with the gtee

but as i said providing you leave the individual gaps around the individual rooms you take the risk the floor will expand and tent in the doorways and surrounding areas which can be "settled" by the introduction of a threashold strip if required
its your choice take the risk with no strips in doorways with the "maintainance " required to settle problems as they occur
or a strip in every doorway and no problems

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