leader of the free world?

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Davy Jones wins the lotto

(remember yourself, FireGrouch?)
influence elections hmmmm like er

Obama in the brexit referendum , did he threaten the U.K ?

good job he was not a Russian ;)
Why do you keep asking me.

because u keep on about it ;) in order to further your agenda about trump ? the fact that he is or may be a laddies willy is neither here nor there

No one to date has actually stated what the Russians have done

apart from some meeting over lunch , some emails etc ect

mountain out of a mole hill To date
Its certainly stacking up though. You'll soon be able to use that molehill to summit the mountain.

be that as it may :) but to date there is nothing of any substance , here say & opinions bandied around by people he has up set , got rid of or sacked
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