Leak! Street elbow and compression fittings!

Indeed I do, there's a guilty feeling about charging what its worth, so it giveus a tenner dear.

The sad thing is they're probably loaded :LOL:
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The jointing compound worked for one of the two street elbows meaning that, in theory, the street elbow is long enough to be held leak free in a compresion joint, however, the second of them couldn't be sorted in such a way. I unscrewed everythig replaced the olive, used jointing compound, but still it leaks! I'm now thinking of replacing the street elbow (not to anything else - just another street elbow), my question is simply, can I re-heat the the soldered part so that the solder melts, remove the existing elbow, clean everything and re-solder a new one?
Yes, but you might have to file down the solder coating before it will go into a new fitting.
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I've taken the old elbow off, like you said Softus, it's left a solder coating which I'll now remove.

with the elbow joint and the compression joint in my hand, I placed the nut and a new olive over the pipe with a bit of compound, did it up 'a bit', pushed the pipe all the way in, did it up hand tight, and by gently pulling on the nut you could tell it was going to slide off the end of the pipe. I tightened it with a spanner, bit by bit, checking it all the whileand still it was slipping off the end of the pipe. Is this a good indication that the pipe itself it kinked, or not completely rounded, hence I'm changing the elbow?
Also, do ALL traces of the solder coating have to be removed, i.e. should I be able to see the copper coming thru or, can I remove as much so as that the new nut and olive can slide onto it?
There shouldn't be any solder on the pipe where the nut and olive are.

explain please
Sorry what I meant was....I've just removed the street elbow from where it was soldered. It's left a solder coating on the original pipe. After cleaning this up and before re-soldering a new elbow on to it, should I be able to see the copper colour itself, or do I need to clean/file it just enough so that the new elbow can slide on to it?
is now a good time to restart the debate about the benefits of pushfit? ;)
Out of curiosity why you are using a street elbow in the first place ? why not use a normal elbow and cut out the compression fitting and use a yorkshire straight.
Thanks a lot doitall and Softus, cleaned everything, soldered on a new elbow, used a bit of compound on the compression......no leak!

Thanks yet again for your time and advice.

(That would be another thread Gigs)

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