Live Spice Rack

Too thin... in the end I did it without washers. I just was very careful with the screws, only putting them in far enough to hold the rack, but not to contort it. It's up now and the only issue is a slight bit of plaster that came away from one of the edges.. I'll fix that once I'm done with everything else.

It's a bit reassuring to have found out the reason wasn't that I'm a complete and utter idiot, but that the rack was slightly wrong. :)
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A few tips on drilling holes that need to be in the right place that I've picked up over time (I still make the odd mistake, but following these has certainly minimised them!):
* Make sure you don't turn on hammer mode on the drill until you need it (i.e. until you've got through the plaster and actually hit solid brick)
* Use a drill with a variable speed trigger (i.e. the amount you squeeze it affects how fast it spins up to some maximum) - this way you can start off nice and slowly until you're sure the drill is going where you want it.
* If the plaster is particularly weak, consider using a smaller drill bit initially to get the hole in the right place, then enlarging it with the actual size you want.
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Yeah, the new drill I bought does all of that.

The variable trigger isn't linear, it's cleverly designed so that you have very good control over the speed, the first 1/4 of it is incredible slow turning, so you have proper control.

I usually put a small hole in first of all, and I'll usually put masking tape on first to encourage plaster to stay in place.

I'll use hammer if I need it, rather than out of habit, while the cordless I was using before needed hammer on to do anything.

They say a bad workman blames his tools. I'll qualify that by saying a bad workman needs good tools to compensate! :)

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