Track lighting problems

27 Feb 2010
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United Kingdom
Any help would be great. Basically i have brought a Paulmann Spice ginger 210 from B and Q it is a track system .

Installed this last night but not lights work at all there are 4 sets of two bulbs and two single bulbs , do they all have to be installed?. The unit itself requires just live and neutral. I did have a dimmer installed and know that some times these can upset halogen so installed switch but still no joy.

I have check with electric screw driver getting power from main wires, then after the main unit and also on the tracks themself. Not sure what is going on any other checks i can do ?
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check for voltage properly with a multi meter, a neon screwdriver is completly innaccurate and dangerous.
ok ill have a look in a bit what voltage should i see and where should i check , where the bulb goes in ?
a good place to start of on the terminals of the fitting, im assuming this is a mains fitting in a domestic property so you should be expecting to have 230V ac. what exactly have you done to connect this light, you state it only needs live and neutral, where has this come from and how have you connected it?
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I guess you have put up this light to replace an existing one?
How did you wire up the connections?

The central part of the fitting includes a transformer. You should have 230V AC going in to the transformer.
The transformer will send 12volts out to the lamps.

You could check between the two rails that the lamps hang on to see if you have 12volts there (use the AC range on your meter).

The transformer may not work unless you have quite a few lamps installed. Do not even think of putting higher wattage lamps in there!

You may not be able to use a dimmer unless the instructions say that the fitting is dimmerable.
multimeter sorted it out, wire had gone down the side of the choc block !!!! basics! All works fine , thanks for all your help .
I have a monorail track lighting system that when you flip the switch on it takes a few seconds to light,then it flickers and goes out and comes back on all the time it is lit. Help!!!!
Now, I know its labour day (sorry, i mean Labor) but there's no excuse.

1. You have hijacked someone elses topic
2. The topic is over two years old
3. It has nothing to do with your issue
4. This is a DIY forum for the UK. We know nothing about 60HZ, or 110volts, or cables that are called "hot" or cars whose engines are sized in cubic inches or baseball.

You best bet would be to resubmit your query and start a thread of your own on the DIYNOT forum for Electrics Outside of the UK
here //

Have a nice day yo' all.

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