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4 Nov 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

Have posted before but have slightly more info now.

Basically buying a property which was sold as 2 bed semi which also has a loft storage room.

The loft storage room is accessed from the second bedroom via a door and it has a full staircase up to the loft. The loft does has a velux window.

Now I know that the loft does not have any building regs certificates due to the age of the work, and my solicitor assures me that as it is advertised as a loft storage room there are no problems assuming we are not intending to use it as a habitable room - we aren't.

Does anyone know of any implications to this situation?

We don't intend to use electric appliances there (although light fitting and sockets are hardwired in)

We would plan to use it for storage and in the future maybe look to renovate it professionally to standard (Reinforce floor/roof overhaul/insulation etc.)

Thanks.. any advice very welcome.
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They would probably have just boarded over the ceiling joists instead of putting in a new structural floor, so light storage only.

If you intend re-converting it in the future, your main considerations would be a new floor and proper access with a new staircase. The staircase would have to be re-positioned out of the existing bedroom.
Thanks Tony. I imagine you are spot on with the boarding.

Yes we would need new steel floor structures :) and the rest...

Is there any legal reason why the staircase would need to be positioned outside of the existing bedroom?
The important legal reason (fire) is that the bedroom must be separated from the hallway on the first floor (ie with a fire door), so whilst there must be a doorway between the hallway and the bedroom, the stair can go either side of the door. Having a new floor structure will often dictate that the stair must be ditched, even if it does not need to be repositioned.
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Thanks freddy.

So I guess for the fire issue, the door leading to the loft stairs (no matter if from the landing or bedroom) must be a fire door. As should the rest on the first floor.

Yes I was preparing myself for that statement reg. the removal of the staircase to fit the new steels. I suppose depending on the structure of the staircase, some of it could be saved and useful.

On a more pressing note, does anyone see any other issues with maintaining the room for storage purposes?

As the rest of the house will be priority over the loft the the foreseeable future :)

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