Loss of tyre pressure

I’ve put everything into writing and emailed the dealer as I’ve been dealing with them over the phone mainly. Do you think it would be worth swapping the rear wheel, I’m going for a long drive today so that would confirm if it is infact the wheel itself or something else?
Ask the dealer that supplied the car to do this for you.

Keep making a nuisance of yourself over the tyre until it is sorted.

But if that tyre keeps losing pressure whilst driving, then yes, replace it before a long drive. I don't want to scare you, but a sudden loss of pressure whilst driving, especially at speed, can be extremely dangerous. Remind the dealer of this when you ask them to swap the wheel
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They claimed that one alloy would cost them £1000. Quick Google and you can pick one alloy up for £400… this is a vw main dealer, very disappointing
I’ve changed the tone of my email slightly, told them I am considering rejecting the purchase and highlighted the safety issue. I know it’s just a wheel but this has caused so much stress over the last three weeks and continues to be!
Keep going it's not just a wheel but the dealer supplying a car that is fit for purpose.

Keep updating us we all want to help.
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Thanks, probably won’t have an update from the dealer until Monday now
On a VW facebook group I belong to, some people have had success by contacting VW direct when the dealer has messed them about, might be worth a try if they're still being unhelpful.
They should check the trye with the correct operating pressure in the trye not 60psi. As that high pressure could push the the wall of the trye hard up against the rim of the alloy and seal it. When drooping the pressure back down it could cause the tyre wall just to move back of the alloy rim by a mm or so and cause a leak if the alloy is slightly worn where the tyre would normally sit (under normal pressure)
If so, I think you can only do it in the first 30 days so don’t let them drag you past this point.
That's correct, so on your last day write to then and reject the car.
If they then sort it out, you can always withdraw the rejection.
Hard to believe there's so much fuss over a puncture - from a main dealer too, who seems not to be too bothered about losing a sale?
It'll have to be sorted at some time in the future anyway.
John :)
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