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5 Aug 2008
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United Kingdom

Please recommend a chainsaw. To be used almost exclusively for chopping logs in the garden rather than felling. I have Makita kit but only 2x 4Ah batteries. Would they last long in a DUC353 or would I get better value with 240v?

If mains what would you recommend? I was thinking of a Makita UC3541A.

Any idea what the difference is between the two base models? It seems the UC3520A has a chain gauge of 0.043" whereas all the others have a gauge of 0.05". What does that actually mean? Do I need a new filing kit? I currently have 5/16" file for Oregon 91.

Finally any recommendations on safety gear, I was loaned some when I did my safety course. I was thinking of this kit:
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Highly recommend the mains powered Makita electric chainsaws (UC range), change the low kickback chain for a conventional one. Batteries do not last long on high drain tools like chainsaws. That said I notice Makita produce a 64 volt lawn mower battery, unless this is a typo:

Thanks both, mains it is. Any thoughts on low profile (Oregon 90) v regular (Oregon 91) chain?
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Good luck with your choice - I can't help with those as I don't have either mains or battery saws.
However - a low profile chain is probably best for a lower power saw, and that applies to petrol saws too, but a regular profile is also just fine so long as you don't press on too hard.
Great to learn how to sharpen them as well - and keep a spare in stock.
John :)
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I changed the supplied chain to the Oregon 91 regular profile because the low kickback chain supplied by Makita didn't cut as well and blunted easily. I don't know how well the low profile Oregon performs but I got much better (sharpened) life out the Oregon

I got the 40V Aldi battery chainsaw, as I have some Aldi battery stuff that uses the 20V/40V active energy batteries. I have used it to fell a quite large Goat Willow and to give a Mulberry tree its crew cut that is needed every couple of years. the 40V 2.5Ah battery cuts a quite reasonable amount. Not had it long enough to give an opinion on longevity though.
I've got a Milwaukee 18v 400mm saw, awesome power and up to 12Ah batteries.
Thanks all. I bought a Makita UC3551A which came yesterday. The difference from the base model is that this one has an extra 200W power and soft start which makes it a smoother experience. I chose the shorter 14" bar, there is also an option for a 16".

My summary is... It's great. Rally good power, in theory slower chain speed than a petrol but cuts faster than any petrol saw I've used. Lovely big neat chips and even rips ok. The chain is a branded Oregon 91 so good quality there.

As well as stopping the clutch wheel, the chain brake also cuts the power to the saw which is a nice touch.

Interestingly 2kw is the output of a 40cc saw so not surprising it cuts well on the short bar. Previously I've only used basic 30cc saws.

The only slight disadvantage is that the saw is heavier than I expected. Again comparable to a 40cc saw. I think it's basically a 9" angle grinder with a chainsaw bar stuck on the end.
The biggest danger with electric saws is knowing when to refill the chain oil.
One tends keep cutting with the saw not running out of fuel and the first sign of running out is the chain hanging off the bar:(
The cheapo titan electric chainsaw is great from screwfix. Need to change the oreogan chains every now and then. I cleared some trees with 18" trunks.
Had some 200mm x 200mm oak to. Cut longways so treated myself to a einhell petrol chainsaw with a bit more ommphh.


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