Miele W828

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Im so relieved that I have found the problem. Thank you for sending me to the right place to buy the 6k1 relay and fuse, and thanks to those who wrote what the 6k1 relay switch code was. I have opened the top of the switch and found half to be burned out inside. Im now waiting on parts to arrive.
I was thinking of changing the shock absorbers. My machine seems to make a loud noise sometimes on rinse cycle. Would this prevent something like this to happen again.
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Anything is possible...if the shocks are bad change them out. You could use good pattern spares & save yourself money. Also check the drum bearings are ok. It may already be mentioned elsewhere in this really long thread....but washing a very heavy item (like a rug, blankets, etc) can wipe out the reversing relay & pop the radial fuse.
Novotronic 921 with same flashing light problem.
Noticed the lights flash mid cycle and then cycle carried on.
Returned to empty machine and noticed washing still wet. It had taken in the fabric softener so know it had continued with cycle. Set the maschine to spin which it duly did for about 4 minutes and then with 2 minutes on the clock no more spinning. So unloaded.
Reloaded and after water fill - nothing - just flashing light.
Having read all the posts on this informative forum do you reckon I am right in assuming it is likely to be the brushes rather than electronic??

Machine about 1995 and we have used it second hand (came with the business) for the last 5 years without any problems - and in high season may do about 25 washes a week.

Further query - water level for washing is below the window - is this the norm. Washing still comes out clean. We have another miele where the water is a 3rd of the way up the door. Did check the pipe for the pressure guage was clear and "clicking" was heard when I blew into the pressure guage.
I suggest you start a new thread rather than tag onto this (very long & old) one...you may get a better response that way ;)
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Great help on this, thanks all . Only setback I had was when fitting the plastic brush holder back onto motor one of the motor connections did not go in. Could here the new relay click in but no motor, after refitting this it now runs like new
Just signed up to say thanks for the invaluable info on this thread. I managed to fix my machine for the princely sum of £5.48 by ordering a new relay and a pack of fuses from Farnells which arrived today less than 24 hours from placing the order. I have also ordered a new pair of shock absorbers just to make sure. Very pleased and thanks again.
A huge Thank You from a novice to the contributors to this thread: Problem: Miele Washing Machine Rinse light flashing....checked the brushes and they looked fine; read the stuff about replacing resistor and relay on circuit board...ordered the parts, cost about £12....read on another site how to solder and de-solder (I am a newbie!!)....purchased soldering iron and de-soldering tape...replaced fuse and relay as per instructions in this thread and I have a working washing machine once more. Brilliant!

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