Mira Advance shower service light!

2 Jan 2007
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
this is my first post here and probably my last attempt at finding a solution to my shower problem, before i buy a new one :rolleyes:

Shower: Mira
Model: Advance 8.7s
Rated: 8.7kw
Supply 240v
Age: 4 years

Problem: Recently the shower service light appears on, then the shower
water turns cold, we then wait a few moments after turning the shower off at the main pull cord, everything appears to work fine then.
I have a limescale remover attached to the cold water feed inlet, and also cleaned the water inlet filter contained with in the shower unit, but the problem still persists.

This has now become a regular routine, every time we want to use this appliance, now the shower refuses to work. When we press the on button, a weird low buzzing noise is heard but no flow from the shower,
a friend who had an identical shower,had the same problem, he replaced the PCB at a cost of £90.00, as advised by an electrician, but the shower still did not work.:eek:
I expect having paid £300.00 for a shower to last longer then this, if anyone has a solution to this problem or can steer me in the right direction, i would be very great full.

Many thanks for your attention.
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Do a Google search for mira showers, there is a web site that will answer your question but I cannot remember the address.
£300?! Get down B&Q and buy a new one for <£100.

Honestly, buying a new one is often cheaper than fixing it.

4 years is a little short for a shower's life. Not sure about the Mira brand though.
You should normally hear a clunk when the shower is switched on. The clunk is the solenoid valve opening properly to allow the water in. No clunk but a buzzing noise instead means that the solenoid coil is powered, but the valve stem is jammed. You can replace the valve (incl coil) but you need to know what you're doing.
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To those who mean well, thank you for you replies.

Have decided that this issue of the faulty shower cannot wait
any longer e.g wife-nag nag nag, have opted for the easier
route and taken crafty1289 advice,
but a big thanks to kevnurse's constructive appraisal,
sounds to me you could be right, but alas time is not on my side.

Thanks again everyone.

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