Misplaced gas pipes??

Uuggh :!:
Ugly, but nicely bent, though I don't see the need to have added 2 extra bends (+0.6m of pipe).
The clipping distances are good, but they should have used secure ("snap-over") clips so that it doesn't get pulled out when the safety conscious window cleaner uses it as a tie-on for his ladder.

I take it you haven't approached the neighbour directly (yet) ?
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The copper pipe will turn dark brown over time and be much less conspicuous. It looks like quite a neat job and could be much worse.
Those clips will have to be changed. They look like ordinary ones which are not UV-proof. Even out of direct sunlight they will get attacked and drop apart eventually. Some last only one summer.

I'm sure there was something in the Corgi mag about it, but it seems to be a widespread problem anyway. As far as I know none of the plastic clips are uv- rated. Copper(or brass) ones will weather to a brown and look a lot less ugly than white plastic too.

The pipe has to be held off the wall so water can run down behind it, and if you are in an environment where there is high atmospheric corrosion (seaside, mostly) then additional protection could be called for.
8) I wouldnt be surprised if they had a nice tiled or wood floor thing going on, hence the reason for going outside.
Let`s be honest if you`d paid a fortune for a nice floor the last thing you want is some sweaty arsed gas fitter ripping it up.

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mdpe must be protected from uv hence it must be buried or protected,as far as i am aware talons do degrade in uv light so copper or brass clips are required
My 2p worth:

Yes, pretty decent pipework. Some tape marking it as 'gas' might have been nice, but maybe they put that at the meter end of the pipe run.

Regards regulations, as everyone here says its OK to have gas pipe outside, only thing I would maybe reccomend to check is that they sleeved it where it passes through the wall into the property.
Must admit, i havnt seen pipe bent that nice on the shelf in BQ lately :LOL:

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