My Latest AA do last night :)



yes ..
Im fully aware my drinkings a problem .....
so many of my mates think nothing of STILL doing the All Day Sesh on a Sat an Even do it on Sundays too....

as I said before its a young mans game heavy boozing ..
an my health isnt as tip top as it was ,
thats why awhile ago on a thread here julieL/B challenged me to attend an AA meeting which I did ...(so miss her ! :( )

been to a few actually
but all have been a waste of time for me til the one last night ,
I like it there ,
they are committed but NOT run by preachy ex alkis ...
who like my last place were all SS/NAZIs
running a self righteous crusade on the drink ...
may work for those who NEED berating an bullying into abstinance ..

but alas Im a bit too much of a joker ,
or LOL a "drunken smartarse" ...
as my "mentor" Heinrich called me ,lol..cheers
an he wondered why I never went back ,
the stalking he did on me didnt help ,ringing a whinny like a big gal down the phone til my missus told him one teatime to
"PI** OFF !!!" lol .. an she "never" swears or likes bad language

anyway the group last night was Brilliant , felt I had found old friends ,lol

it was run by a lady Barbara ,in her 60s ,
old matron type ,
she was a right alkie ,
who after her hubby died she fell apart lost her home ended on the streets , most of us were near tears as she matter of factly told us how the demon drink took over her life ..

she got her self back together after she was beaten up left for dead by kids attacking tramps ...
social services got her in a hostel an she is now back on her feet ,*big round of applause then ..*

what she Teaches is NOT abstinance but ability when to SAY NO..enough is enough ....
she told us all there last night in the new member group that YES ,
some of us are there to STOP /FINISH END OF DRINK !!!..
wether some of us were they because over drinking is wrecking our lifes family /lifestyle ,
an some are here through court orders as they are MENTALISTS/FIGHTERS an need to never drink for societies sake ...

OMG ! !!
we all looked around the room an surveyed for the nutjobs , til this lil young baseball hatted scrawny kid raised his arm an said thats me ,SORRY ,LOL

then other "normal looking "guys raised their arms 5 in all last night ,

anyway as Babs wrote down a report on me she says ,she thinks I need to "Reprogramme My brain" to say when Ive had STOP ...
as being a drinker each night is one stop away from NEEDING that can at breakie ...

so Im going to cut my drinking down an my usually full saturday sesh is starting at 7pm tomorrow night not thumping on the door at 11 am

anyway your thoughts an opinions are welcome .... ;)
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