New AA Meeting last Thurs Night(reposted)



I have attended a new AA meet which I think will help me .

yes Im fully aware my drinkings a problem .....
so many of my mates think nothing of STILL doing the All Day Sesh on a Sat an Even do it on Sundays too....
as I said its a young mans game heavy boozing ..
an my health isnt as tip top as it was ,
thats why awhile ago on thread here julieL/B challenged me to attend an AA meeting which I did ...(still pine for her ,sniff )
been to a few actually...
but all have been a waste of time for me til the one last thursday night ,
I like it there ,
they are committed but NOT run by preachy ex alkis ...
who like my last place were all SS/NAZIs running a self righteous crusade on the drink ...
may work for those who NEED berating an bullying into abstinance but alas Im a bit too much of a joker ,
or a "drunken smart-arse" as my last mentor sniderly said of me ,lol..cheers
an he wondered why I never went back ,the stalking he did on me didnt help ,lol,
my wife even give him a mouthful on the phone last time he rang ,telling him to P*** OFF ,which is very unlike her to swear ,lol

anyway the group the other night was Brilliant , felt I had found old friends ,lol

it was run by a lady called Barbara ,in her 60s ,old matron type ,
she was a right alkie once,
who after her hubby died she fell apart lost her home ended up on the streets ,
she got her self back together after she was beaten up an left dead by kids attacking tramps ...
social services got her in a hostel an she is now back on her feet ,
what she Teaches (sp?) is NOT abstinance for all but moderation ...
the ability when to SAY NO..enough is enough....

she told us all there the other night in the new member group that YES ,some of us are there to STOP DRINKING...

..wether some of us were there because are drinking is wrecking our lifes family /lifestyle ,
some were there through court orders as they are MENTALISTS/FIGHTERS/DRINK DRIVERS an need to never drink for societies sake ....

we all looked around the room an surveyed for the nutjobs , til this lil young baseball hatted scrawny kid raised his arm an said thats me ,SORRY ,then other "normal looking "guys raised their arms 5 in all ,
anyway as Babs wrote down a report on me she says ,she thinks I need to "Reprogramme My brain" to say when Ive had STOP ...
I did well yesterday by only going out last night instead of all day on the razzle ..
anyway I will take things as they come an try my best ..
your thoughts an opinions are welcome .. :)
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takes guts to go and takes guts to tell people. Good luck and stick with it. Life and this world is a lot better when not viewed through the bottom of a bottle, theres too much to miss out on
Moz, I think this Babs is a jewel and I think she will support you all the way to the level when you know you can always say no when you want/need/have to.
Good for you Moz.....a M8 of mine`s been on the waggon for years now.says it`s AA that keeps him there. Very best wishes to you
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Just think how many people on here you will dissappoint if you don't make a go of it!
Good for you Mozzie! ;) ;)

Take everyday as it comes - and remember to do it for yourself, no one else! ;) :LOL: :LOL:

Will keep fingers, toes etc crossed for you mate! ;) ;) :D
thanks for the comments ... I am just having a few cans tonight instead of the usual 15 pint Stella cans.... ;)

take it slowly/quietly to catch them monkeys in my brain
Moz - in all seriousness here is my input to this topic:

They say, if alcohol costs you more than money, then you have a problem. In my case, it did. You joined DIYnot after it happened, so look at these:



I learned a very harsh lessson, and when it was all over, took a good look at my drinking. At the time, I was a hotel manager, and at the end of every shift, the bar was open (a hotel's budget includes "management accounts").

The drink-driving, as you will see from my posts at the time, was a one-off - but it terrified me that, on that one occasion, I had drunk that much in one night that my judgement was so skewed I thought I could get in the car and drive.

At the time, I was finishing my shift and drinking 5 or 6 pints, five nights a week. Then at the weekends maybe 10 or 11. I've now had the wake-up call I needed.

I still enjoy a drink, but it's now 5-6 pints on a Friday and Saturday night. The mere thought of drinking in the week just reminds me of what an ars*ole I used to be.

Moz, you have my full support, and do let us know how you get on...
Thanks for sharing that with us hope youre life is back on track , ;)
since giving up work/an drinking daily I never Drive anymore so no chance of me being done for D/D !
I fell off the wagon last sunday night monumentally :(

I have no more drink/cans in the house now.... an Im trying not to pick up some sly cans,when I pop in my local Tesco express ....
I am avoiding the pubs an clubs on a week night too ...til I can get that "need/taste" out of the way ...
an usually Im on the stella most nights :(

since the sundaynight sesh I havent had a drink ...

monday night an tuesday night I couldnt sleep an had horrendous heartburn /cold sweats/palpertations ....
but Im going to try an get it out of me , going to the baths tomorrow afternoon for a sauna an swim :)
Good luck with it all Moz. I've seen what people can lose through alcoholism, and wouldn't wish it on anyone. The main thing you've got going for you is that you know you drink too much and want to do something about it, not try to hide it as many do.

When you get a chance, re-read the post you have just made, and then some of the ones from your drunk nights - If they don't persuade you to give it up, nothing will.

Once more mate - Good luck, you deserve it :D
regarding my drunk posts ....


this was a cringeful one the monkies in my head took over

usually I find the mods here have deleted my wilder topics :)

maybe an hour in the sauna an a few laps breast stroke will help drown/kill them ... the monkies that is an not the mods ;)
Ok count me out of this touchy-feelyness - I'm off down the pub lol.
Good Luck Moz. I am pleased for you that you've had the bullocks to do it. I wish you every success.

(I have cleaned two houses of alcoholics - not pretty).
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