Nasties found under floorboards

31 May 2008
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United Kingdom

Been in my house for about a year now, before I moved in I had a PIR done which generally OK'd the electrics (New fuse box required and upgraded earthing) Electrician estimated the installation to be 20 years old.

Anyway just pulled up a floorboard in the upstairs hall and found a few worrying things:

1) A flex cable joined to a PVC cable using a terminal box wrapped in insulation tape. Couldnt work out what this was at first but the flex appears to head towards the boiler. I can see a flex cable go into the boiler from above. The PVC cable looks like it goes down the wall to the thermostat. The boiler was installed by the previous owner just before I moved in, looks like theyve attached the old wall thermostat to it this way. IS this safe? It was done by a proper corgi firm with all the buildings installation certs provided.

2) A 30 amp junction box with only one cable going into it, not sure whats this is about.

3) An earth bonding cable attached to nothing.

Thanks for advice
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1) sounds a bit crap to me!!! :confused:

2) find out where it is fed from, little peculiar, might once have been a feed itself, considering the boiler :idea:

3)Check for earth bonding at the CU the stop cock area and the gas supply on your side, if any is missing get that sparky back he should have sorted that out. :eek:

May possibly be an old bonding, cut out post to me will add it to the copper collection for Dublin 2009 :D

The water and gas bonding was checked last year he said they were ok, (but needed new clamps). I guess its a remnent of the previous installation then, perhaps thats what the junction box is also its hard to see where it leads from right now as the bedroom boards it heads towards are mint. Ill try looking behind the sockets to see if any of them feed spurs.

Should I leave the thermostat as it is then? I could call the boiler company out if its dodgy, theyre trying to flog me a service at the moment.



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