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11 Aug 2008
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United Kingdom
Hi there , i have a 6ft fence at the back of my house to stop my neighbours kids teasing my new dog!! and he has just built decking from the back of his house and he is about waste height above my 6ft fence and the dog can see them all the time and barking at the kids.. is there anything i could do ..
( we not have no privacy at all please some one HELP !!! ) :rolleyes: :mad:
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Have you tried talking to your neighbour?

Or if you have and he has a sod you attitude then maybe you can speak to your local council!

There are certain regulations for decking but this is limited in this country, he wont have to have planning permission unless it is attached as a 1st floor balcony, but if your privacy is being interrupted then you may have recourse and they could be asked to lower the decking if the council finds in your favour!

alternatively you could place a tall trellis on top of the fence and grow some good climbing plants, passionflower is good for this if you don't like ivy etc

After checking up yes they will have to have planning permission for this deck and I quote:

"Situations Requiring Planning Permission

Where the deck is situated within 20 metres of a highway.
Where the deck is at 1st floor level or above.
If any part of the deck construction exceeds 3m in height.
If the structure would affect the amenity value or privacy of neighbouring properties.
If the deck is attached to a listed building or situated in a conservation area or National Park."
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I hope you don't mind me kinda hijacking here, but I'm wondering.

Just out of interest, if he spoke to his neighbours first and they all agreed that they have no problem with it, do you think that this "If the structure would affect the amenity value or privacy of neighbouring properties" would still apply ?
Well personally I think if you have a problem with a neighbour then its always best to approach them first and try and resolve a situation, however not all neighbours are of the same mind and some have a "so what, tough ****" attitude and you just cant talk to some people.

If the decking is causing a nuisance, which in this case it seems to be, then hopefully both parties can make a compromise and the neighbour will lower the decking, thus then no more need to be done, if however the neighbour wont see sense then the local authority can become involved and remove the decking at the owners expense!

So in answer to your question, if the neighbour agrees and lowers the decking then no, that part of the planning law would not need to be implemented and so would not apply!

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