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@Steelmasons @picasso I was not expecting that price, I thought it would be between £3500 - £5000 ... Nowhere near 10k. Having seen online the prices from which.co.uk indicate around 3 to 5.

Thanks for your reply
I guess you'll be jumping out the frying pan and into the pot @ those prices..crack on.
BTW , who the hell are Which to quote prices??
Thing is Steel, they have become the self-appointed arbiters of just about everything. Just don't get started about how WB came to be their No1 choice year in and year out.

They seem to have a very effective press-release chief who can command front-pages and prime-time TV news coverage of seemingly anything they choose to cover. (notice I have not mentioned brown envelopes :rolleyes: )
How large is a ball of string, there isn't a ball park figure or cost ceiling to any installation until it is seen. Any rough guide could be wildly out, so most guys would be reluctant to give you any online figure, except steel of course ;), even he can be a bit of a minx, especially on a sat night :whistle:

The best advice I can give is get at least 3 itemised quotes, that should give you a local working range.

Most price ranges are gleaned from customer feedback and averages for jobs but that information is generally useless as an install is usually unique to the individual.

Oh ... WB are notorious for being top of the list when it comes to certain independent reviewers but most of the guys here are experienced with a large number depth of boilers and when they are sarcastic about certain makes and models it's usually for a good reason, so worth heeding. Unfortunately the way the information is imparted in forums can sometimes be a little terse, so stick in there. :cool:
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Ok :) Taken on board all your information and recommendations :) thank you, i shall go ahead first thing Monday and gather a few quotes together to get and average. Thank you so much.
@MissBuilding1975 don't pay too much attention to the Which boiler recommendations - they are known to receive research funding from the manufacturer at the top of their recommendation list (and possibly the second one also), and hey presto those who give the funding end up at the top. What a coincidence! Many of the trusted trader schemes are also funded by the traders on there too, so bad reviews are sometimes removed to keep paying members happy. There are two though - Buy With Confidence and Trustmark - which are run by Trading Standards and do seem to be more reliable.

Back in the real world, despite his occasional cynicism on here Dan Robinson is both an excellent installer and in your area. His company is Jennings Heating - if you can manage to wait his 6-8 weeks I'd suggest you go with him. He'll give you an honest appraisal and price. Other than that, local recommendations from your neighbours are often a good way to go.
OP, don't forget whoever quotes you may have to allow for complete replacement of all piping installed by previous cowboy - so will cost more than a simple boiler swap.

I see Muggles beat me to it, but I was going to suggest asking Dan for a quote. It will be well worth an 8 week wait to get the job done properly - and that is no more than you deserve.

I doubt the quote will be cheap, Dan is a craftsman. Look at the gallery of installations on Jennings web page. Poetry in pipework!

Whatever you decide, we hope it all works out for you.

There are two though - Buy With Confidence and Trustmark - which are run by Trading Standards and do seem to be more reliable.


Call me cynical, but I am not so sure about Trustmark. Further to a thread a few months ago, I filled out a form for Trustmark, to see what happens. I didn't respond to their query about my company being Liquidated (Iwound down the Co. when I went on the books). But, no matter, within a couple of days, I was a member of the scheme, without any checks.

To be fair, I assume that if I did a job on the back of TM registration, they may step in if there was a problem.
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Get three quotes from recommended GSR plumbers. Get a quote from BG too if you like, at least you'll have an upper price limit. If anyone quotes higher than BG you know they are taking the p1ss.

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