13 Feb 2006
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Tyne and Wear
United Kingdom
I have a Baxi 105 boiler that has been giving problems ofF and on for a while

I think it's just time to dig deep into my pocket and get a new super efficient boiler

I've always been keen on Baxi, but with my current one being a Baxi, I've lost a bit of confidence in them

If money was no object ...

What would readers recommend as being the top 3 combi / condensing boilers ?

Folk say Worcesteer are good, but any future repairs cost a fortune

thanks :)
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105 is usually a good boiler what problems have you had with it ,do you have the instant.

If you stuck to baxi/potterton the new boiler would fit straight onto existing jig with no pipework alteration just the need for condensate pipe adding and slight flue hole alteration
the boiler is about 5 years old

Previously the PCB was changed

Last year we had an exention built and the boiler was out of action for several months

It was put on again a few weeks ago, but the hot water would only work when the heating was on.

the plumber came back and has determined that the fault is with the flue

Because of the building work, a plumber extended the flue and it seems that he has put a high efficiency flue extension on, rather than what should have been fitted.

I understand the new flue parts are about £200

I can't get hold of the original plumber now, so maybe he's gone bust

Anyway, I just thought I'd go for a new boiler now and be done with it .... at least everything will be 100% and it should mean another 10 years or so without problems

£1000 pound for the boiler will be money well spent ... it will give lower bills too as I believe new boilers are very efficient
Flue will not cause the hot water only to work when heating is on. It is something to do with divertor valve.
If new type of flue has been used then the inner tube is plastic and should be metal, flue gases on older 105`s are too hot for this and may cause it to melt or distort.
Boiler should not be used untill checking with baxi as this is an alteration to original spec
You will not save a great deal of money on running costs on what you already have so don`t expect far cheaper bills
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I posted a few weeks ago on this topic and the divertor valve was mentioned.

My plumber I know well and am 100% certain he wouldn't try to 'pull the wool over my eyes' but he says the flue is faulty

I'm not sure what to do ...

I've not actually mentiohed the divertor valve scenario to him, so maybe I should.

I've just seen another thread, showing that the divertor valve is not too difficult a job to replace.

Wait ... I'll try and find the linj to that thread now ... can't find it

But there was a reply from somebody, which was his first ever post which seems to be on a similar problem, although not on the same type of boiler
It was put on again a few weeks ago, but the hot water would only work when the heating was on.
Flue fault would NOT cause this fault.

If incorrect flue parts have been used DO NOT use the boiler until it has been checked by a competent person.
Not saying he is pulling wool over your eyes i would agree with him that it has a flue fault as the flue from the Baxi HE has been used
I would have to check that one direct with Baxi but boiler would be turned off untill then.
But a flue fault on these would not cause the heating to work and the water not to

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